Exorcist claims ‘psychic possessed’ woman could ‘see people across world in real-time’

A qualified physician who turned to exorcism work has recalled the story of a “once in a century possession” where the patient supposedly gained psychic abilities that allowed her to see what people were doing across the world.

Dr Richard Gallagher is a Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at New York Medical College. While he claims not to be an exorcist himself, he has assisted in a number of cases involving paranormal behaviour.

Speaking on the Unsolved Mysteries podcast, Richard recalled one of his most difficult cases, involving a “demonic high priestess” called Julia who supposedly had psychic powers.

He explained: “What made her case particularly striking is, not only did she exhibit an enormous amount of psychic ability when she was in a trance state… but even outside of her trances she had these amazing psychic abilities.”

An exorcism ritually is usually used to rid a person of an evil spirit that is possessing them
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Richard recalled how he challenged Julia to tell him where the Chief Exorcist was to prove her powers.

He claimed she managed to guess the correct location, as well as correctly identifying the “khaki pants and blue windbreaker” the exorcist was wearing at the time.

Julia believed the ability, which paranormal psychologists call “remote viewing”, was given to her by Satan himself.

The psychiatrist described another spooky experience when he was in the car with Julia and the exorcist working on the case.

A possessed woman
Richard recalled the spooky story of how his patient was able to correctly guess the clothing a Chief Exorcist was wearing across the world
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He said: “Julia was in the backseat and all of a sudden she seems to go into a trance, and this nasty voice comes out of her; Something like, ‘leave her alone you f***ing monkey priest.’”

But despite Richard describing this as a “once in a century possession”, he suggested that Julia was still reluctant to get help because of her allegiance to her satanic cult.

A shadowy ghost
Dr Richard Gallagher claimed that exorcisms won’t work unless the patient totally commits to the process
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He said: “She didn’t want to leave the cult, in some respects this was her home. She also was afraid the cult would retaliate if they knew she had turned to the church.

“It’s not surprising that despite the fact she had agreed to eight or nine exorcisms, she was never delivered.

“Because people often don’t understand that you can’t have it both ways. You have to work at it, you have to renounce your evil ways or your nefarious life before you can be liberated.”

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