Expert explains how to save £2.5k on electric car as sales surge by 1600%

Just a few weeks ago, a shortage of lorry drivers caused a national petrol crisis.

As motorists continue to struggle to fill their cars, online searches for electric vehicles are on the rise.

According to Google search data, queries spiked by 1600% on September 24, the day shortages began impacting drivers.

Many consumers are considering making the switch from petrol or diesel to electric since the situation began.

Data from the Department for Transport revealed that over 7,000 electric vehicles were registered in August 2021 alone.

Now Tom Church, co-founder of, shared five tips for saving money on an electric car.

Since the fuel crisis, searches for electric cars have shot up

He said: “It’s clear increasing numbers are being sold on the idea of going electric and the petrol crisis has accelerated this pattern.

“However, it’s important not to rush into your purchase simply because petrol is currently hard to get hold of.

“Now is a good time to consider which type of electric car to buy, especially as there are so many money-saving incentives.

“Before you make the plunge, ensure you’ve done your research about the grants and resources that are available.”

Electric car charging cable machine
You can research free charging points

Consider purchasing a used vehicle

According to the AA, demand for second hand electric cars are rising and for a good reason.

Since these cars will typically be a few years old, it means they’re often within the manufacturers’ warranty period.

Look into purchasing an electric vehicle abroad

It may be cheaper to buy your electric vehicle abroad.

However if you consider bringing a vehicle from overseas, it’s important to do your research first.

When picking the country, consider the number of vehicles it buys, as this will impact the average price.

And it’s also crucial to consider the amount of VAT you need to pay, how to transport it and the procedure in case of disputes.

Research car leases

If you can’t afford to buy a car outright, or you like the idea of switching vehicles after a few years, leasing may be best for you.

It’s often the cheapest way to get a new car too as the monthly payments will typically be lower.

Look into free car charging points

You won’t always need to pay your car in public places.

If you’re away from home and need to top up your power, it’s worth researching nearby locations you won’t need to pay for.

A good place to start is by looking at supermarket car parks, some hotel parking areas and airports.

Your electric vehicle app will have a map of nearby locations, or you can use free online resources too.

Stop budgeting for road tax and the congestion charge

One of the perks that electric vehicle owners enjoy is the exemption from both road tax and the London congestion charge.

If you were to drive into the capital each day, using an EV will save you £75 a week.

Plus you’ll potentially be saving thousands on road tax over the course of your car’s lifetime.


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