Expert reveals how to know when your baby wants more food and claims she can even get them to show you

EATING time with newborns and babies is often a messy situation that most parents are trying to make a little easier to manage.

Parents are often buying suction-cupped bowls and plates to at least try to minimize the mess at dinner time.

Mary shows parents how to use sign language to communicate with children credit: Instagram

But have you ever wondered why babies slam their fists on their table after eating?

Well, they could be trying to tell you something.

Luckily, one mum has shared exactly what that means and how you can get your baby to communicate what they want.

On her Instagram account, Mary shares signs grow, exactly how you can teach your baby to use sign language to tell you what they want.

She writes: “Is your baby pounding on the table every time they want more food?

“Use it as an opportunity to model the sign for MORE!”

She then shows how to sign the word ‘more’ by putting your fingers together to look like you are about to pinch, then bring both hands together in this position.

Baby sign language is an effective way to get babies from 6 months old to communicate with parents without tears and tantrums.

Mary says you should repeat the word with emphasize when teaching your baby how to sign

She writes: “I see you want MORE food; here is some MORE; Daddy gave you MORE.”

She says that you are showing your baby a new way to communicate to let you know they are still hungry by using the sign.

Mary says to continue giving them food while modeling the sign, again and again.

She says that they may not want more food every time they pound the table and may want to make noise, see what reaction they can get, or it could be a completely other reason entirely!

“But if you think that your baby is often doing it because they want more food, try teaching this sign in those moments and see what happens!” She adds.

“I’ve been teaching this sign to my baby (12M) for a couple of months now, and He started to do it this week.” They add: “He is also doing it when He wants to play more, I love it.”

Another user replied: “The only sign my son knows so far and has perfected it at 11 months! So much better than his yelling at me.”

A third user commented: “My babe pounds the table and screams until he gets more. Been consistently using the “more” sign for 3.5 months. Just waiting for it to click!”

Banging on their table may mean they want more food


Banging on their table may mean they want more food credit: Instagram

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