Expert reveals Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans is the most beautiful of the cast, according to the golden ratio

AN expert has revealed which Teen Mom star is the most beautiful of the cast, according to the golden ratio.

It was unanimous that Jenelle Evans – who left the show in 2019 after her husband David Eason killed their dog – took the number one spot, similarly to Farrah Abraham among the Teen Mom OG crew.


An expert revealed which Teen Mom 2 star is the most beautiful according to the golden ratioCredit: MTV

The ancient Greeks claimed there was a Golden Ratio for perfection.

The ratio is a way of measuring physical perfection; the idea is that the closer the ratios of a face, body part, or room are to the number 1.62, the more beautiful it becomes.

The mathematical equation – known as Phi – sees the ideal facial proportions as 3:2:3.

It is worked out by analyzing the forehead to nose to chin areas.

Lucy Williams, the owner of Aurielle Aesthetics, analyzed several pics of the Teen Mom 2 cast to see how the women’s faces scored, according to the formula.



Credit: Getty

Score: 3.2.3

“Jenelle has a beautiful balance and perfect symmetry to her face shape, in my opinion, she is the most beautiful,” Williams determined.

“She has the most perfect heart face shape with a wide forehead, strong jaw, and chin. She also has the classic ‘widow’s peak.’ a V shape in the middle of her hairline which is a strong feature associated with heart face shapes.

“Her eye to lip ratio is perfect and her pupil runs perfectly in line with the outer edge of her mouth on the eye giving her overall balance and harmony to the face.

“Another contributing factor to her beauty is Jenelle’s length of her ears being the same length as her nose giving balance and symmetry.

“Her face is perfectly segmented into fifths, giving her overall the most perfect golden ratio out of the teen mom cast.”



Credit: MTV

Score: 3.2.3

Following close behind is Briana DeJesus, who has boasted about her many plastic surgeries, including a BBL and several breast surgeries.

Williams revealed: “Briana has a lovely face shape. Her face is a lot longer than it is wide and her forehead and cheeks are the same widths.

She also has a strong jaw giving her a combination of oval and rectangle face shapes.

“Although Brianna’s face is a lot longer than it is wide, the thirds of Brianna’s face are equal across all parts which gives her an overall balance to her face.”



Score: 3.2.3

Kailyn’s most stand-out feature is her lips, Williams claimed.

“Kailyn has beautiful high cheekbones with a smaller width to the forehead and wide jaw giving her a beautiful diamond face shape,” she revealed.

“Her pupils are in perfect line with her lips and her lips are equal which in perfect symmetry, gives her a perfect golden ratio to her lips.”

Kailyn has also undergone a full mommy makeover, including a BBL, liposuction, and veneers.



Credit: Leeshia Lee

Score: 3.2.3

“Leah has perfect symmetry and balance to her face,” Williams said.

“Her face is longer than it is wide plus her cheeks and jaw are the same width, suggesting she has a combination of rectangle and heart face shape.

“Her pupils are perfectly in line with her smile and her face is perfectly segmented into fifths across the face giving her a perfect all-around lovely golden ratio.”



Credit: TikTok/Jade Cline

Score: 3.2.3

Similar to Briana and Kailyn, Jade Cline has also been very open about her plastic surgery journey.

Most recently, she underwent a very painful Brazilian butt lift and liposuction to the neck.

Williams revealed: “Jade has beautiful petite features. She has a subtle jawline, and her face is around the same width as the length giving her a round face shape.

“Although the width to length of her face is 1.4 slightly under the perfect golden ratio of 1.6 her face is equal across all thirds of her face giving her an overall perfect symmetry to the face.”



Credit: Social Media – Refer to source

Score: 3.2.2

Ashley Jones recently joined the cast of Teen Mom 2 where she began a feud with Jade and Briana, and found herself backed up by Kailyn.

“Ashley has a typical heart face shape; she has a narrow strong jawline plus her forehead and cheekbones are a similar width,” she revealed.

“Her face is about 1.5 as long as it is wide giving the perfect 1.6 golden ratios giving her an overall natural balance to the face.”



Credit: MTV

Score: 2.2.3

Last but not least is Chelsea, who also recently abandoned Teen Mom 2 to give her family more privacy from the limelight.

“Chelsea has a beautiful big smile which is the first thing I’m drawn to,” Williams said.

“Her forehead, cheeks, and jaw are all the same width. Her face is longer than it is wide suggesting that she has an oval or long face shape.

“Although it’s not a perfect golden ratio, Chelsea’s length is approximately 1.5 times the width of her face giving her a perfect width to length ratio.”

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