Expert reveals Teen Mom OG stars Cheyenne Floyd & Farrah Abraham ‘are the most beautiful,’ according to the golden ratio

AN expert has revealed that Cheyenne Floyd and Farrah Abraham are “the most beautiful” of the Teen Mom OG cast, according to the Golden Ratio, a mathematical formula dating back for centuries.

Despite some of them undergoing plenty of plastic surgeries to enhance their looks, their natural beauty was judged to determine the most beautiful.


An expert has revealed which one of the Teen Mom OG stars is the most beautiful

The ancient Greeks claimed there was a Golden Ratio for perfection.

The ratio is a way of measuring physical perfection; the idea is that the closer the ratios of a face, body part, or room are to the number 1.62, the more beautiful it becomes.

The mathematical equation – known as Phi – sees the ideal facial proportions as 3:2:3.

It is worked out by analyzing the forehead to nose to chin areas.

Lucy Williams, the owner of Aurielle Aesthetics, analyzed several pics of the Teen Mom OG cast to see how the women’s faces scored, according to the formula.

She had previously determined that Kim Kardashian was the most beautiful out of all her sisters with the same formula.



Credit: Getty


Credit: Getty

Score: 3.2.3

“In Farrah’s before picture, her face is longer than it is wide suggesting she has an oval or long face shape,” Williams began explaining.

“However, in her more recent pictures, her cheeks seem more defined and have more volume, and her lip to chin ratio is smaller.

“Due to these changes in her most recent pictures and with her face width being more equal across all facial thirds with her cheeks wider and chin slimmer, I would say she now has a heart shape face, also known as the most attractive face shape.

“In Farrah’s most recent pics her facial thirds are more equal and balanced giving her a better golden ratio than her before.”



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Score: 3.2.3

“Cheyenne gives off so much beauty,” Williams claimed.

“In my opinion, she has the perfect face out of all her Teen Mom cast. She has a prominent forehead and strong chin, giving her the most wanted heart shape face.

“In regard to the golden ratio, the length of her face is 1.6 times the width of her face giving her a perfect golden ratio.

“Another attribute of Cheyenne’s beauty is the length of her ears being the same length as her nose giving balance and symmetry.

“Her face is perfectly segmented into fifths across the face giving her a perfect all-around lovely golden ratio.”



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Score: 3.2.2

Williams revealed: “Catelynn Lowell has striking blue eyes which is the first feature I’m drawn to.

“She has minimal curves to her cheeks and her forehead follows straight down to her jaw with minimal curve suggesting she has a square face shape.

“Catelynn has a perfect golden ratio in regard to the length to width of her face, they are in perfect proportions of the 1.6 golden ratios.

The mom of four “also has the perfect eye width between her eyes and forehead, as the width of a single eye is the same distance between both eyes giving her a perfect eye golden ratio.”



Credit: MTV

Score: 2.2.3

“Amber has lovely petite features with a subtle jawline,” she explained.

“Her face is about the same width as the length, with the lower third of her face being slightly longer than the upper parts.

“This suggests that she has a round face shape, as she has a longer lower third of her face this gives her a ratio of 2.2.3.  Although not a perfect golden ratio, her beautiful high cheekbones compliment her natural beauty.”



Credit: macideshanebookout/Instagram

Score: 3.2.2

“Maci has a beautiful balance to her face shape,” Williams revealed.

“Her forehead is in line with her jawline and her jawline and chin are nice and strong. Her face is a lot longer than the width giving her a combination of rectangle and oval face shape. 

“Maci’s face length is 2.1 times the width of her face, which is a lot longer than the desired 1.6 golden ratio.

“However, her eye to lip ratio is perfect and her pupil runs perfectly in line with the outer edge of her mouth making her face more pleasing on the eye giving her overall balance and harmony to the face.”



Credit: MTV

Score: 3.2.2

Williams said: “Mackenzie has a typical rectangular face shape.

“She has a minimal curve to her cheekbones and her forehead follows down straight to her strong square jawline.

“Her face is about 1.5 as long as it is wide, giving her an overall natural balance to the face.”

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