Expert reveals the five ways to have a conversation with your cat – and you’ll be a pro in no time

CAT LOVERS, listen up! You’ll want to read this.

An expert has revealed the five ways you can communicate with your cat and you’ll be shocked at how easy it can be.


You can communicate with your cat with just five stepsCredit: Getty
A short meow from your cat is a greeting


A short meow from your cat is a greetingCredit: Getty


Just like you would with a friend, family member, or love interest – keep eye contact with your cat.

“It is thought that the number one way to connect with your cats is by narrowing your eyes (like they would),” the experts at revealed to The Sun.

“If you narrow and gaze into your cat’s eyes it can help build a bond with them and let you understand their feelings.”


If you watch the movements your cat makes in addition to the different sounds, you can often distinguish what the different “meows” mean.

A short “meow” would often be a common greeting whereas multiple would mean the cat is very excited, or a long low pitch “meow” could mean displeasure with something.

Key phrases you need to know in order to “speak

  1. Short “meow” = “Hey.”
  2. Multiple “meows” = “I’m very excited to see you”
  3. Mid-pitch “meow” = Your cat wants something, for example, wants feeding.
  4. Low pitched “mraaooww” = “I’m annoyed with you.”
  5. High-pitch “rrrooowww” = Your cat feels a sudden pain or is in shock.
  6. “Purr” = This is your cat being tender and showing love towards you.
  7. “Hiss” = “I’m very angry and may start scratching someone.”


By looking at your cat’s body language you can accompany certain gestures with behaviors and feelings.

For example, having their tail straight up with a curl at the end would often mean they are happy, whereas if it’s twitching it could mean they are very excited.


Look at the common behaviors your cat makes around you as this is a key part of their communication with you.

For example, if a cat rubs against you, it is most likely marking its territory and making you their property.


By talking back with the appropriate tone and using gestures after you notice these behaviors, you can create an effective line of communication.

The more you communicate with your cat the more it will understand you and what the different tones of voice and actions represent.

If a cat is purring with you, they are giving you love


If a cat is purring with you, they are giving you loveCredit: Getty
Narrowing your eyes at your cat is part of communicating with them


Narrowing your eyes at your cat is part of communicating with themCredit: Getty
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