Expert reveals the three steps every parent needs to take to prevent head lice as kids return to in-person learning

A COUPLE of things parents can expect when their kids return back to school is the spread of cold and flu germs and a potential lice outbreak.

The Sun spoke to Risa Barash – known as The Lice Lady and CEO/Co-Founder of Fairy Tales Hair Care, a natural and organic alternative to chemicals that kill lice – about her top tips on how to deal with lice.


Lice infestations are a common thing to happen at the beginning of school yearsCredit: Getty
A tell-tale sign of lice is constant scratching


A tell-tale sign of lice is constant scratchingCredit: Getty


Barash explained that lice are mainly spread via head-to-head contact.

With this being the case, it’s vital that you teach your kids to not share hats, combs, brushes, hair ties, pillows during nap time, and even sleeping bags with other kids.

You should also try and keep long hair in a ponytail or braid.

“Teaching kids not to share sports helmets and caps as well as tiaras and costumes at princess parties is a must as well,” Barash explained.

“Do a weekly head check! School-age children and parents need to get into the habit of a weekly spot check.  Look at the hot spots – behind ears, nape of the neck, and part lines.”


Try and teach your kids the good habit of keeping their things separate from others, she said.

“At school, daycare, and summer camp store jackets, backpacks, hats, swim towels, etc. in separate cubbies or in a sealed bag.”


Lice prevention is totally possible and if you don’t want to expose your kids to the harsh chemicals from older formulas, there are essential oils you can use instead.

“Studies have shown that organic herbs such as rosemary, tea tree, citronella, and lavender can help repel head lice,” Barash said.

“Using lice prevention hair care products every day can help prevent and keep outbreaks to a minimum.”

Essential oils can be used to keep them at bay


Essential oils can be used to keep them at bayCredit: Getty
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