Expert says we’re using iPhone calculator wrong and shares way to fix mistakes

TikTok user Ellyawesometech has demonstrated that you don’t need to delete a sum if you mistype on an iPhone calculator – all you need to do is swipe the number to correct it

Viewers were left kicking themselves that they didn’t know the trick before (Image: @ellyawesometech/tiktok)

If you’re of a certain age, it’s likely a maths teacher in school told you to pay attention because you won’t be walking around life with a calculator in your pocket.

But it turns out they were wrong because we all do just that thanks to the intelligence of others who put pretty much everything we need behind the touchscreens of our phones.

And for those of us who regularly rely on the calculator app rather than our memory of GCSE equations, one iPhone user has shared a piece of advice to make using it far easier.

There’s nothing more frustrating than being halfway through a long sum only to accidentally type one number wrong and having to start again – but it turns out you don’t need to.

TikTok user Ellyawesometech, who shares technology hacks on the video sharing platform, demonstrated an easy way to correct mistakes by simply swiping the numbers in the display.

Using 25 + 25 as an example, she accidentally types 26 before swiping on the number to delete the last input, allowing her to change the six to a five, as you can see in the video above.

It also works for far longer numbers, as every time you swipe it will get rid of another digit you mistakenly inputted.

She says: “You’re using your iPhone’s calculator wrong” and the clip has been watched by 3.8 million people, as viewers were baffled they had never known about the feature before.

One person commented to say: “THIS WHOLE TIME WE COULD’VE BEEN SWIPING.”

A second replied: “I’m starting to think I do nothing right.”

And another added: “OMG I hated the iPhone calculator because you couldn’t delete it if you went wrong.”


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