Expert warns against new trend of dumping hydrogen peroxide in your ears to clean them out

AT THIS point, you’ve heard that using a cotton swab to clean out your ears might not be the best idea as it can push wax deeper into the canal and even damage the eardrum.

Well, a new way to clean your ears has gone viral on social media – using hydrogen peroxide – but is it actually good for you?


Cleaning out your ears with hydrogen peroxide has become a trendCredit: @sparaticpost/TikTok
The trick is to leave the product fizzling until it stops


The trick is to leave the product fizzling until it stopsCredit: @sparaticpost/TikTok

Taking to social media, a woman tried out the trend where she put some hydrogen peroxide in her ear and leaned her head on the side to avoid it dripping out.

The recent trend has had people leave the hydrogen peroxide inside their ears until it stops bubbling.

Once the product had stopped fizzling, the person dumps out their ear into a towel and ear wax should come out of it.

But is cleaning out your ears with hydrogen peroxide the way to go?

In the comment section of the video, Dr. Anthony Youn revealed that this is a much safer way to cleaning out your ears compared to using cotton swabs.

However, he recommended using a commercial brand of diluted hydrogen peroxide found in ear drops.

“Don’t put high percentage hydrogen peroxide in your ear!” he warned.

In fact, according to Medical News Today, if hydrogen peroxide is used incorrectly, it could have some serious side effects.

People who use high percentage products could develop temporary fizzing and bubbling sensations, bitter taste, temporary pain in the ear, temporary hearing loss, dizziness, and ringing in your ears.

According to a 2018 article, hydrogen peroxide can result in residual bubbling inside the ear canal. This could cause doctors to have difficulty examining the inner ear.

It can also cause skin irritation, blistering, and even burns at concentrations over 10 percent.

And most definitely, some people should not use hydrogen peroxide in their ears if they have infections, a damaged eardrum, or use hearing aids.

If you really want to use hydrogen peroxide in your ears, ask your doctor first.

Expert has warned against using too much of it


Expert has warned against using too much of itCredit: @sparaticpost/TikTok

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