Expert warns ‘speed showers’ are definitely NOT good for you and anything under five minutes could cause serious issues

ARE you a person that is always rushing around in the mornings and jumps in and out of the shower for a matter of seconds?

Well, if you shower for less than five minutes a time, you might want to have a re-think.



Experts warn against showering for less than five minutesCredit: Getty

With data revealing that many of us don’t shower daily and a whopping 5.4k monthly searches for ‘how often should you shower’, UK adults seem to be unsure about how often we should be showering and for how long.

So to answer your questions, Sanctuary Bathrooms have partnered with health professionals to shed some light on our showering habits.

You may want to take notes…

Abbas Kanani, pharmacist at Chemist Click, said: “In regards to how long to shower for, around 8-10 minutes is usually enough time to hydrate your skin and cleanse.

“Showering for too long (especially in a hot shower) can strip your skin of its natural oils, causing it to become dry.

“To lock in moisture after a shower, use an aqueous based cream to moisturise.”

However, if you’re a person that jumps in and out of the shower within minutes, listen up…

Abbas advises: “Showering for less than 5 minutes may not be long enough to cleanse your body, and can cause bacterial or fungal infections.”


Should you wash every area of your body in the shower?

Ashton Kutcher recently revealed that he and his wife Mila Kunis only bathe their children when there is visible dirt on them.

Kutcher said: “I wash my armpits and my crotch daily, and nothing else ever.”

Despite the actor’s revelation, hygiene experts recommend that you should regularly wash every part of your body to keep germs away.

Abbas adds: “Sweat can cause fungal infections, spots and a build up of bacteria.

“You should definitely clean your feet, as accumulation of sweat can cause fungal infections if not washed.

“You should also wash your backside, to get rid of any small particles of faeces.

“Your belly button is a bit of an obscure location where moisture can cause a build up of bacteria.

“Behind the ears should also be on the list, as sebaceous glands collect sweat and release sebum, causing a build up of dirt.”

Should you wash your face in the shower?

Although it’s practical to wash your face when showering, you should pay attention to the water’s temperature as most of us will use warmer water to shower than we’d use at the sink.

Dr Sasha Dhoat, consultant dermatologist at Stratum Clinics, suggests: “Avoid showering in water that is too hot, which can lead to dry skin and inflammation.

“The top layer of the skin, the epidermis, has the vital function of the skins’ barrier; your body’s first defence to the outside world.

“You can think of this as a brick wall.

“Over-aggressive skin cleansing is, in fact, an act of self-sabotage, damaging this brick wall.

“If your skin is red, flaky, dry or sensitive after washing, it’s pleading with you to dial down your routine.

“This will especially be the case if the skin’s brick wall may be already compromised, for example in ageing skin, ultraviolet light damage or skin disorders such as eczema.”

What are the benefits of cold showers?

As many wellness centres promote the use of low-temperature water to relax and improve our blood circulation, it’s not surprising that there are over 2,000 searches every month about the potential benefits of cold water for our bodies.

Sports rehabilitator, Hannah Symes, advises: “Cold water is good for you as it increases circulation, constructing the superficial blood vessels while making the deeper one’s work a little harder to maintain an ideal body temperature.

“Mentally it helps to stimulate you, especially first thing in the morning as it gets you alert quicker than a warm shower; this can help reduce your need for caffeine intake!

“It can also help to relieve stress by dropping your cortisone levels, which is your stress hormone, leaving you feeling far more relaxed.”

Cold showers are recommended to relieve stress


Cold showers are recommended to relieve stressCredit: Getty

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