‘Extreme cheapskates’ rummage through bins and let kids eat sweets they find

A frugal family are proud to be “extreme cheapskates”.

Raul and Patricia Pinto admit to rummaging through bin bags with their kids to find spare change and sealed food.

They also scout around at the car wash to see if any items have been left behind.

Sometimes they feign losing jewellery at the garage so they have an excuse to look around for the lost valuables of strangers.

On an episode of TLC show Extreme Cheapskates, which first aired in 2014, the mum revealed: “The kids love going to the carwash because it’s like a treasure hunt for them, we have found earphones, jewellery, change of course, a lot of change.”

And her partner Raul added: “Going to the carwash is like playing the slots – the dollar I put in I know I am going to get back.”

As well as spending time looking for spare change and valuables, the parents are shrewd with their money.

Raul said: “As a family of six we consume lots of food and now that my two oldest children are back home for the summer I have to be very very careful not to go over budget.”

When dining out, the kids drink tap water while their mum and dad enjoy unlimited refill coffee.

They then share main meals between them instead of ordering separately.

To save money, they often order a big sandwich and ask for extra salad on the side.


Extreme cheapskates
Raul limits how much time his kids can spend with the fridge open
(Image: TLC)
Extreme Cheapskates
The parents also restrict how much their children eat at restaurants
(Image: TLC)


Raul revealed: “Diners usually serve you these huge portions, a club sandwich is pretty much like getting two or three sandwiches into one and I always get the extra lettuce to make it a little bit more bulky.”

Before leaving restaurants, the family make sure to take free salt, sugar and sauce sachets with them.

Monica, the couple’s eldest daughter, admitted: “The waitresses think we are psycho, they give us the dirtiest looks I have ever seen in my life.”

Raul also imposes a time limit on how long the fridge can be open for.

The dad said: “Everybody is only allowed to open the fridge doors once a day, they have 24 seconds to do so, and if they don’t do it in that time too bad.”


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