Extreme Sisters Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And More Information

It’s likely that Season 2 of “Extreme Sisters” would continue expanding upon the storylines brought up in Season 1. Anna and Lucy were both trying to have their partner Ben get them both pregnant at the same time, even visiting a fertility doctor to see what their chances were. “In my life I haven’t seen anyone sharing a partner and wanting to get pregnant at the same time,” the doctor said in a confessional. “So yeah, I was a bit shocked …”

The show also highlighted the strain Brooke and Baylee’s close relationship has on Brooke’s husband, Denver. “You knew what you were getting into when we got married,” Brooke told Denver on the show. “I disagree,” Denver replied, looking straight into the camera. “… I didn’t know she was going to be living at our house.” Baylee sleeping in bed with them was also a point of contention. “This bed’s big enough for all three of us,” Brooke said. “That’s not the point,” Denver replied.

Will any of these storylines be resolved? What new struggles will come up? Fans of “Extreme Sisters” can’t wait to find out and neither can we!


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