Fake tan fans swear they’re found the secret to stopping fake tan making your sheets stink

AS much as we’d love to have a golden glow, we can rarely be bothered to faff around with fake tan – especially considering how badly it stains our white bed sheets.

But one savvy beauty fan swears to have found the secret to stopping fake tan transferring onto your bedding – and we can’t believe we haven’t seen this before.


One TikTok user shares her game changing hack for stopping fake tan spreading to your sheetsCredit: TikTok/@cxmakeups

Sharing her life hack on TikTok, the beauty fan explained how she always covers her bedding with Next’s Self-Tan Bed Sheet Protector after applying fake tan.

Charlie posted Next’s sheet protector to her account ‘cxmakeups’ with the caption: “Brb going to tan xo.”

The video shows Charlie putting the protector on her sheets, which takes a matter of seconds.

It couldn’t be simpler.

She said: “Omg guys this is a game changer.

“It protects your sheets from fake tan.

“It’s like a little satin sleeping bag and all you have to do is hook it over your pillow.

“No more smelly sheets.

“Stops staining.

“And enough space to move inside.

“They do it in different colours too.”


The sheet protector is available at Next.co.uk and is suitable for all bed sizes.

It comes in black, grey and pink.

It is specially designed so you are able to sleep comfortably in your usual bedding – but without the mess and faff of trying to scrub out stains from your sheets.

And your sheets won’t have that gross, biscuit-smelling fake tan smell.

The best part about it?!

It only costs £20.

So say goodbye to your self-tan stained bed sheets with this luxurious bed sheet protector.

Clearly the video has impressed numerous people as it has racked up over 580.6k views.

It has 68.8k likes, 2,223 comments and 7,589 shares.

One person said: “Omg need to invest!”

Another added: “I NEED.”

A third commented: “Too bleeding late now.”

TikTok users are going crazy over the £20 sheets


TikTok users are going crazy over the £20 sheetsCredit: TikTok/@cxmakeups

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