Fake tan fans swear they’ve found the secret to removing stubborn tan

ANYONE who regularly uses fake tan will know the worst part about achieving a faux glow is spending ages scrubbing off the patchy remains.

There’s nothing worse than the patchy fake tan residue that just won’t shift.


A fake tan fan has found the secret to removing stubborn fake tanCredit: TikTok/@geeportogallo

And the pain of tirelessly scrubbing at your skin, leaving it sore and red.

But now, one beauty fan has revealed what she calls “the best tan remover ever.”

Georgia Portogallo posted a video to her TikTok account ‘geeportogallo’ showing the new tan remover that removes fake tan in minutes, without you needing to scrub hard on your skin.

Georgia uploaded the video with the caption ‘@Charlotte Dawson absolutely smashed this wow. Honestly guys just go try it for yourself.’

She said: “Charlotte Dawson released her new self tan remover the other day and you know me, I had to buy it to review it for you guys.

“So there’s the tan remover and there’s also a white mitt that comes with it as well.

“The remover is so shimmery and it’s honestly the best smell ever.

“It says to put it on and rub it in and leave it for three minutes, so that’s what I did.

“As you can see I had some old tan on, this has been on about a week now.

“Look how shimmery the tan remover is.

“Now it’s time for the results, I scrubbed it off after three minutes and oh my god, this is by far the best tan remover I have ever, ever tried.

“There’s not one bit of tan left on.”

You can literally see the tan melting off without too much effort needed.

The remover is part of Charlotte Dawson’s new tan range, Dawsylicious.

Charlotte is daughter of famous British comedian Les Dawson – but has now made her own mark on the showbiz scene.

She’s also known for always looking glam and her love of fake tan.

Her new range includes a range of tans and this tan remover, on sale for just £19.95.

Clearly the new product has impressed numerous people as it has racked up more than 118.5k views.

It has 9,354 likes, 103 comments and 143 shares.

Charlotte Dawson actually commented on the video saying: “My babe thank you so much.”


Many users were tagging their friends in the video – letting people know about this brilliant new product.

One person said: “WOW.”

Another added: “Need.”

A third commented: “Looks so nice.”

One person asked: “Surely it’s just the glove that’s doing all the work though?” to which Georgia replied “I’ve used the mits before on their own and it doesn’t do no where near as good a job with the product on!”

Another said: “I’ve used a few types and have been disappointed, hopefully this will be better” to which Georgia commented “It’s honestly amazing.”

The tan remover is being sold online for £19.95


The tan remover is being sold online for £19.95Credit: dawsylicioustanning.co.uk

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