Families flee from ‘sinking’ homes as buildings collapse during the night

TERRIFIED families were forced to flee their homes in the early hours of this morning – after their buildings began to collapse.

People scrambled to grab essential items after huge cracks appeared in their walls, floors and ceilings, exposing the homes below and earth beneath them.


Families were forced to leave their homes after their buildings collapsed
Roads were closed by emergency services


Roads were closed by emergency services

The drama took place in Ayrshire, Scotland, this morning with some residents suggesting it was caused by the old coal mines the properties were built upon.

One resident realised cracks had appeared on their walls when they woke up in the middle of the night – and quickly notified neighbours.

The staircase of their upstairs villa flat later collapsed, with the back of the property sinking, while the ceiling of their downstairs neighbour caved in.

Emergency services arrived at around 1.50am, and deemed the properties were not safe – in which the street was cordoned off and road diversions were put in place.

It’s understood those affected are staying with loved ones until being told their homes are safe to return to.

Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and The Coal Authority were all in attendance, with police officers guarding the cordon all day.


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