Families write off big holidays for 2021 but plan trips of a lifetime for next year

Families are writing off big holidays for 2021 but planning multigenerational trips of a lifetime for next year, according to research.

After being starved of foreign holidays for 18 months, half are now planning to take an exotic break to places such as Dubai, Singapore or Australia.

And one in six of the 2,000 people polled are willing to double their normal budget in the hope of feeling pampered in stunning accommodation.

More than a third (36%) have saved a pot of cash from not travelling abroad and 78% see holidays as a great way to bring multiple generations together.

Commenting on the research by Dubai Tourism, travel expert Simon Calder, said: “The coronavirus pandemic, which has taken such a terrible human toll, has also led people to re-evaluate every aspect of their lives: from where they live and work, to where they go on holiday.

“This research bears out what I am hearing from professional in the travel industry – that many of us are keen to plan an adventure that is faraway in both distance and time.

“After living through this crisis for 18 months, evidently we want to anticipate an escape that goes beyond the usual Mediterranean holiday – and are prepared to pay for the privilege.”

We can’t wait to travel again!

The study found that 83% have long dreamed of going somewhere exotic but have never taken the plunge.

Nearly half (45%) previously worried their destination of choice would be out of budget with children, while 29% have previously compromised on location because of the kids.

But four in 10 parents reckon their family is long overdue a special holiday, while 78% see holidays as a great excuse to bring multiple generations of the family together.

Nine in 10 think new experiences with members of the family are important to their holiday – as 59% want to try new things and more than half need more than just sitting by a pool on a trip.

Nearly half (46%) like to maximise what they get out of their holiday and 43% said the thought of experiences keep them excited for their trip.

Looking ahead to 2022, 56% admit to daydreaming of winter sunshine weekly or more – with one in six doing so daily.

1. Australia

2. The Maldives

3. Japan

4. Dubai

5. Thailand

6. Singapore

7. Vietnam

8. Sri Lanka

9. India

10. Nepal

The findings come after a previous study by Dubai Tourism of 3,000 parents, also via OnePoll, found most think it’s difficult to keep everyone happy when booking a multigenerational holiday as kids just want to splash in the pool all day, while parents long for a bit of culture.

And grandparents will not accept anything less than a clean hotel, good food and tidy beaches.

However, they and their children do agree somewhere that takes Covid-19 measures seriously was also a top priority.

Having a swimming pool was top priority for children, followed by being near the beach and good weather.

More than a third of youngsters (36%) also hope for a theme or water park to be nearby.

However, for parents, nine in 10 would simply like a bit of rest and relaxation.

It was also revealed 56% of grandparents want to have their say on destination but are happy to let someone else make the final call.

Issam Kazim, CEO of Dubai Tourism, added: “The findings of the survey have shown experiences are a major part of what all the family want to enjoy on a trip.

“Dubai is truly a fantastic multi-generational holiday choice for families to reunite and make lasting memories together.”

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