‘Family Chantel’: Pedro Jimeno Searches for Biological Father

The Family Chantel star Pedro Jimeno is on the hunt for his biological father in the new season. Soap Dirt has the inside scoop of what fans can expect from Chantel Everett and her family when they return to TLC next month. Things are about to get “a little bit more stupider” again.

The Family Chantel: Pedro Jimeno & Chantel Everett Go House Hunting

Pedro is very close with his family. The Family Chantel cast member had a hard time leaving his mother and sister in the Dominican Republic when he left to start a new life with his wife, Chantel Everett. However, he still is in contact with his family and goes back to his home country often. He even plans to bring his mom and sibling to America. And, he also wants them to live with him and his wife.

In the upcoming season of The Family Chantel, Pedro and Chantel Everett go house hunting. It looks like they are ready to ditch their one-bedroom apartment for a bigger home. He feels that they will be living the American dream when they buy a new house. He and Chantel even check out a home that has a large basement.

Pedro Jimeno from The Family Chantel tells Chantel Everett that they can live on top, and his mother and sister can live in the basement. However, Chantel doesn’t seem to be on board with that idea. She has never been on good terms with her husband’s family. So, it’s not ideal for them to be living with her. Chantel tells Pedro that they can buy a crate and put it in the corner for his mom and sibling to live in.

Pedro Wants Answers from Biological Father

Pedro may be close with his mother. But, The Family Chantel castmate doesn’t have the same relationship with his father. However, it seems like Pedro is ready to find out more about the man who gave him life.

The Family Chantel reality star opens up to Chantel Everett about wanting to search for his biological father. According to Pedro Jimeno, growing up, his father was never around. So, he wants to be able to ask his father all the questions that he wants answers to. He feels that it’s time his father tells him everything he wants to know. In the spoiler for the new season, Pedro gives his father a call. But, does he answer?

Is The Family Chantel Celeb’s Mother Keeping a Secret?

Before Pedro Jimeno starts his hunt for his birth father, he talks to his mom about him. The Family Chantel TLC star tells his mom that “there’s things that don’t add up” when it comes to the stories she has told him about his father. According to his mother, Lidia Jimeno, his father left them, and she wasn’t going to chase him. Yet, she seems to not be telling the whole truth. Could Lidia be hiding a secret?

Pedro from The Family Chantel feels that his father wasn’t there for his family. His mother says that he has been missing from their lives from the very beginning. Pedro’s sister, Nicole Jimeno, starts to get emotional hearing her mother and brother talk about their father.

The Family Chantel celeb also gets emotional talking about his father. However, Pedro Jimeno says that he will not cry over him for not being in his life. But, he does get sad thinking about the situation his father has created. Will Pedro find what he’s searching for — or will he be left with more questions?


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