‘Family Matters’ Darius McCrary’s Talented Little Daughter Looks Mischievous Dancing on Crowded Street

“Family Matters” alum Darius McCrary wants his fans to know that in reality, he is a family guy, as he flaunts a clip of his young daughter confidently dancing in a crowded street.

Darius McCrary is a father to three kids, and although he is unmarried at the moment, the actor is a doting dad who never compromises his kids’ happiness.

He is ever-present to show support and love for his own — two daughters and one son — while he proudly shows them off via his online platforms. Recently, one from the Maccrary’s camp topped the news after featuring on daddy’s Instagram.

Darius McCrary on the set of “Family Matters” pilot episode on September 22nd, 1989 | Photo: Getty Images

The shared update showed the actor’s 5-year-old daughter, Zoey McCrary with her two-split ponytail, looking mischievous as she happily danced in the streets filled with people. The young chap moved to a remix of Barney’s children’s song.

She did know her onion, and her body made the necessary twists and turns that flowed with the rhythm of the exciting melody. Darius’ mini-me worked her muscles, wearing a short-sleeved matching shirt on pants, with a checkered shirt tied around her waist and ankle shoes.


During a heart-to-heart with VLAD TV, the father of three talked about how parenting has influenced his outlook on life. He runs a non-profit organization called Father’s Care, and helps to communicate with men who have it rough when it involves the custody of their kids.

Having gone through the challenging situation following his divorce and custody battle, the actor explained that the court happens to favor women more than men.

Darius mentioned that even though society expects men to man up and not show any emotions, the male gender can feel depressed too. The entertainer got the backing of the interviewer, who recounted an NBA player’s story.

The man explained that Matt Barnes’ ex-partner lost custody of their kids due to misconduct but never served jail time. Barnes spent a considerable sum securing his children’s custody, and that was one point Darius looked at.

He added that child support is not a sum to fund a failed relationship but support the child. In his opinion, such a ruling makes the partners and lawyers involved win, not the child.


In 2017, Darius’ name was run by several tabloids after his then-wife, Tammy Brawner, claimed that he was a violent father and husband. Brawner stated that her former husband regularly smacked their daughter Zoey and had hit her more than once. 

While filing for a restraining order, the actor’s ex-wife added that he never acted like their family mattered due to his excessive use of drugs and regular drinking. 

In the end, the court ruled in favor of Brawner and ordered the “Family Matters” star to keep a 100-yard distance from his family until the next court ruling.

Zoey’s mother later filed for divorce and was granted full custody of their daughter. Her estranged husband was placed on compulsory alcohol/drug abuse and batterer’s intervention classes.

He was only allowed to visit under the supervision of a professional and was ordered to submit to a series of random drug tests.

A year after the verdict, Brawner claimed Darius visited under close watch but was filled with hate, making it impossible for them to cohabit in the same space and co-parent their daughter.


Despite the series of accusations levied on the “Family Matters” star, his representatives have never mentioned the claims. Whenever a media outlet reaches out, they maintain silence on the matter.

However, what is evident is that the actor is not shy about sharing his fatherhood moments online. In July, he shared a selfie with his second daughter, who is the youngest. Darius posed with his mini-me on the bed and wrote:

“Here’s looking @cha !!! #twinning.”

The post attracted thousands of likes, and many fans penned down their thoughts in the comments and added some emojis.

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