Fan theory suggests that Squid Game and The Hunger Games exist in the same world

A fan of hit Netflix show Squid Game has come up with a theory that the plot takes place in the same world as The Hunger Games, and it’s hinted at in one episode

TikTok user reveals incorrect translations in Squid Game

A fan of hit Netflix show Squid Game has come up with a fan theory that the twisted competition takes place in the same world as The Hunger Games – but beware if you haven’t seen it yet, as there are spoilers ahead.

TikTok star Ruth, @ruthbellpan, shared a video online explaining her theory – adding that there is evidence to support it in one of the episodes.

In episode seven, the VIPs visit the island where the Squid Game is held and one mentions how “the contest in Korea was the best” – and Ruth believes this implies there are other competitions held elsehwere.

She goes on to say that the American version would be The Hunger Games, the Japanese would be Alice in Borderland, and one TikTok user quipped that the UK version would be The Great British Bake Off.

Taking to TikTok, the woman said: “So in the section the VIPs come and they say they’re dying to know what the next game is, the other guy says ‘they’ve been amazing this edition, right?’ and ‘the contest in Korea is the best’.

“Wait a second though, that implies that Squid Game is everywhere internationally.

“That means there’s a high chance that squid game in Japan is Alice in Borderland, and in the US is maybe Hunger Games.

“I can’t even begin to imagine what Squid Game in other countries would be like.”

Ruth’s video soon went viral with over three million views, 505,000 likes and countless comments, mostly from people speculating what their countries version of the game would be.

One user quipped “Squid Game in the UK is the Great British Bake Off”, and another added “in Australia, the first game you just ride kangaroos.”

Meanwhile, another viral TikTok video left viewers stunned – as it appears the ending may have been foreshadowed as far back as episode five.

In the episode, the contestants are forced to play a twisted tug of war – but one player has different rules to the rest.


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