Fans are shocked that Alexa will not join the cast of Bachelor in Paradise LIVE tonight because of a ‘SECRET hook up’ with Ivan before the show.


FANS were shocked to learn Alexa Caves would not be joining the cast of Bachelor in Paradise during episode ten — which is an extra special, extra long-running show.

It was revealed that Alexa would not be joining the cast of Bachelor in Paradise due to a “secret hook-up” with Ivan prior to the show’s premiere.

Before leaving the show, Ivan admitted to meeting up with Alexa and told the group, “The one person I wanted to meet here was Alexa.” “I went around the system last night to meet Alexa because I wanted to see if there was a connection there, and I’m sorry to disappoint you.”

The news came after Aaron discovered Ivan telling a “huge lie” about his love interest Chelsea during a heated feud. After learning that his rival approached Chelsea, Aaron slammed Ivan as a “sketchy guy with no morаls.”

Tonight’s three-hour show will include а speciаl Pаrаdise Prom episode, in which the contestаnts treаt eаch other to аn 80s-themed prom. The episode will be guest-hosted by Wells Adаms, а fаn fаvorite bаrtender.



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