Fans Continue Pummeling Amy Romoff’s Grotesque Eating & Cooking

Amy Roloff posts cooking videos on her Instagram several times a week, and LPBW fans continue pummeling her grotesque habits. Most Little People, Big World fans admit her food looks delicious. And, they are eager to try her recipes. But, her delivery method during her cooking videos doesn’t get a lot of support from fans. In fact, there are several things Amy does during her cooking videos that sends her followers gagging as they run toward trash cans.

LPBW star Amy Roloff cooks cheese stuffed peppers

The Little People, Big World star took to her Instagram account yesterday to share a 23-minute cooking video. In the caption of her cooking video, she revealed she was cooking “Stuffed Mini Peppers with Cheese and Bacon.”

Amy Roloff Instagram

Amy Roloff jested cheese and bacon can be a healthy snack as long as you add some vegetables to them. In the case of this recipe, some peppers! According to her caption, this isn’t the first time she’s shared this video or recipe with her Instagram following. She notes the cheese-stuffed peppers make excellent snacks and/or appetizers.

The TLC personality continued to explain her recipe allows the peppers to retain their crunch. And, that crunch the peppers retain is easily her favorite part of this delicious treat.

Amy Roloff Cooking Eating Gross
Amy Roloff Instagram

Fans pummel her grotesque cooking and eating habits

Unfortunately, this 23-minute cooking video did not appear to be well-received by Little People, Big World followers. Those who follow her on Instagram and regularly tune in to her cooking videos know this is not a new thing. Amy Roloff has a lot of what fans agree are gross habits while she’s cooking and eating. Fans admit these disgusting habits turn them off and ruin the delivery of the recipes.

Amy Roloff Cooking Eating Gross
Amy Roloff Instagram

What is it that Amy does in these videos that fans are so repulsed by? For starters, fans take issue with her cooking while she’s sampling the food. They note she takes large bites, chews with her mouth open, and talks while her mouth is full of food. Amy Roloff is constantly blasted by fans for licking and sucking on her fingers while cooking. Likewise, fans take issue with her not separating the food she samples from the rest of the spread.

Now, Amy Roloff does have some fans who rush to her defense. These fans note she’s cooking from the comfort of her kitchen in her own home. Is it really an issue that she gets her saliva all over her own food? Others, however, insist she shouldn’t present herself as a fantastic cook if she’s going to continue to display these gross eating habits.

Amy Roloff SLAMMED For Unsanitary Cooking Habits & Messy Kitchen

If you haven’t watched her cooking video on cheese-stuffed peppers and you want to, you can check it out by clicking here to watch it on her Instagram account.

Do you have a hard time watching Amy Roloff’s cooking videos? Or, do you think these Instagram trolls are overreacting? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the TLC personality.

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