Fans Frustrated by Veto Ceremony’s Cliffhanger

During the previous episode of Big Brother, the new Head of Household, Derek X, nominated Sarah Beth and Britini for eviction. But, there’s a backdoor plan in the works, as Derek X is seeking to nominate Christian if one of the two nominees comes down. Wednesday night’s episode, unfortunately, ended on a cliffhanger before fans could see whether Derek X’s plan came to fruition.

The Power of Veto competition did play out on the episode. Derek X, his two nominees, Sarah Beth and Britini, and three houseguests chosen by random draw, Claire, Kyland, and Alyssa, played in the competition. In the end, Britini won the Power of Veto. Of course, that means that she’ll be using it to take herself off of the block. But, who will go up in her place? While the Kings (Christian’s team) originally thought that it would be another Joker (Derek F or Azah), Derek X told Alyssa shortly before the veto ceremony that it would be Christian, leading the group to scramble to keep him safe.

The episode ended in the midst of this scramble, with Christian attempting to plead his case to Derek X in a last-minute effort to remain safe. But, since fans weren’t able to see the veto ceremony play out in full on Wednesday’s episode, they shared their frustrations about this cliffhanger move on social media.

“Weird decision to end on a cliffhanger, as Hamsterwatch said it would,” one fan weighed in. “The main thing this means is the POV ceremony takes up some time that could go to more pre-vote fireworks.”


While many fans who watch the live feeds know what happens next, they still wanted to see how it all played out. But, they were left disappointed. 


Another fan wrote, “Did we need this cliffhanger? How are they gonna get all the drama that’s been happening + the new twist + a new hoh all in tomorrow?”


Fans obviously wanted to see how the situation unfolded, as one viewer put it, “Not a cliffhanger. I need the decision tonight!”


It’s safe to say based on the reactions that fans were eager to see whether Derek X nominated Christian. But, they’ll have to tune in on Thursday to see the conclusion to this messy situation. Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS.



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