Fans Go Crazy Over Addison Rae’s New Song ‘I Got it Bad’

TikTok star Addison Rae has teased her upcoming single ‘I Got it Bad’ on an alt TikTok account, and her fans are already excited for the full release.

Addison Rae has over 85 million followers to her name on TikTok, and her career has taken off massively in the past year in particular.

While she started out with simple dance videos, she’s since gone on to do a range of different things including working as a UFC reporter and starring in Netflix rom-com ‘She’s All That.’

One of her main focuses in recent months has been her music career. She released her first single ‘Obsessed’ in March 2021, and although it got mixed reviews from critics and fans, the music video has over 23 million views on YouTube.

She has since revealed that she’s working on a full album which she’s said is coming “soon,” and fans have been waiting eagerly to hear more music from the star.

Back in July, Addison released a small snippet of a song thought to be titled ‘I Got it Bad,’ and it looks like the release date could be getting closer, as on September 25, the star was back on her second account lip-syncing to part of the song.

Fans were very excited to hear the section of her new song, flooding the video with comments praising the track and asking her to release the full version. “I cannot wait for this song to release,” one fan wrote, another saying, “it sounds so good omg.”

Not everyone was totally convinced by the song, with some commenting on the use of autotune, but others seemed to be pleasantly surprised by the snippet they were given.

It’s not yet clear when Addison anticipates releasing the song, but many are eager to hear what the whole track is like.


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