Fans Question If Katie Thurston Is Still Hung Up On ‘Bachelorette’ Exes

Is Katie Thurston still pining for some of her discarded suitors? The Bachelorette is engaged to Blake Moynes, but was he the right choice? Find out why some Bachelor Nation fans think he wasn’t her first choice. Plus, Katie’s response to the allegation. 

Is Katie Watching Her Exes On Bachelor In Paradise?

Katie Thurston found love and an engagement ring on Season 17 of The Bachelorette. Now some of her former suitors are hitting the beach for a second shot at love. Tre Cooper and Aaron Clancy are among the men on Season 7 of BIP.

Credit: Katie Thurston/Instagram

Also appearing is ‘cat man’ Connor Brennan. However, there is one man making waves on the beach. Thomas Jacobs. Katie shared footage of her reaction to Thomas making his presence known on the beach. As Bachelor Nation viewers know, Katie sent Thomas home after allegations that he was only on the show for clout. 

Fan Calls Katie Thurston Out For ‘Obsessing’ Over Former Suitors

Us Weekly reports that Katie was cringing when she saw Thomas on-screen. However, she did compliment her ex. “He looks good with the facial hair, I’ll give him that,” she said on Instagram. However, some of her followers didn’t take too kindly to Katie keeping up with her exes. 

She shared one DM in particular that accused her of “obsessing” over the former suitors. The message cast doubt on Katie’s relationship with Blake Moynes. Katie got engaged to Blake during the season finale. The two are still navigating a long-distance relationship. 

However, Katie denies pining over her could-have-beens. She retorted that she is secure in her relationship with Blake. She was simply showing support for the men who appeared on her season. 

Credit: Katie Thurston/Instagram
Credit: Katie Thurston/Instagram

Blake Moynes Not Katie’s First Choice? 

The person who sent that DM is not alone in questioning Katie and Blake’s relationship. In the final few episodes, several suitors self-eliminated, including Michael and Greg. Katie was devastated by both departures, unsure if she should continue with the journey or go home alone. 

However, she pushed through her heartache and found love with Blake Moynes. But still, some fans can’t help but wonder if Blake was really her first choice or just the last man standing – literally. 

Do you think Katie is still pining for one of her other former suitors? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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