Fans Side With Prince William After His Birthday Message to Prince Harry

Fans are blown away by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s shocking birthday message to Prince Harry.

However as of late things haven’t been so smooth for them.

Scroll down to find out why nobody expected this to happen…

Kate Middleton and Prince William are two of the most adored members of the Royal family.

They recently shared a post on Twitter for Prince Harry’s birthday…

People were shocked but fans have chosen Will and Kate’s side.

The British Royal Family are one of the most well know families in the world.

Much more popular than the famous family of Kardashians.

Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge.

The couple are young and modern.

They certainly are Royal favourites.

In 2011, Will and Kate had their royal wedding.

They pair met while they were both students at university.

In 2001, William met Kate at the University of St Andrew’s in Scotland.

The couple dated on and off for a while.

The pair couldn’t keep their hands off each other, nine years later they eventually announced their engagement in 2010.

The whole world have followed the couple as they expand their family.

Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge arrived into the world in July 2013, which made him third in line to the throne of Great Britain.

Two years later Princess Charlotte came along.

In May 2015 Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana was born.

This young princess made royal history.

Princess Charlotte became the first female royal to retain her claim to the throne. Prior to the Succession Crown Act 2013, when a boy was born it meant he would skip any daughters in the line of succession.

As tradition goes Prince Louis would normally have been second in the line to the throne over Charlotte.

Despite being a girl Princess Charlotte is no longer ruled out as she is fourth-in-line behind her older brother, Prince George.

It’s quiet noticeable that…

William and Kate are really setting standards.

I mean we all remember the iconic pictures of Kate in her student fashion show.

Since becoming the Duchess, Kate’s style has evolved into something unparalleled.

Both Kate and William have grown into their roles as head royals…

Despite the difficult times over the last few years, they have shown true decorum in their actions.

Things haven’t been easy for Kate and William, especially after Harry and Meghan left the royal family.

However they have continued without faltering during it all, whilst their fans back them all the way.

Prince Harry and Prince William’s relationship is strained…

Obviously the distance between the brothers isn’t helping.

For Prince Philips funeral they put their differences aside.

Or the unveiling of their mother’s memorial statue.

But it doesn’t seem to have lead to any improvements in their relationship.

However, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s latest tweet might suggest the rift is behind them…

Fans express their thoughts on Kate and William’s most recent Tweet where they wished Prince Harry a happy birthday.

Comments regarding the couple’s class flowed…

Despite the message being short and sweet, fans enjoyed the display of royal class considering their recent relationship.

Happy Birthday Prince Harry!


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