Fans Struck by Katie and Greg’s Contentious ‘After the Final Rose’ Convo

On Monday night, the latest season of The Bachelorette came to an end. During the finale, Katie Thurston eliminated Justin Glaze, meaning that Blake Moynes was the last one in the running for her final rose. Ultimately, Thurston and Moynes became engaged, and the two opened up about their connection even further during the After the Final Rose portion. However, on social media, fans were more struck by Thurston’s interactions with Greg Grippo, who eliminated himself from the show during the episode that aired on Aug. 2.

Even though Thurston and Moynes left the show engaged, fans couldn’t help but focus their attention on Grippo. On After the Final Rose, Thurston and Grippo got to talk for the first time since their explosive split. The lead didn’t hold her feelings back about the situation, as she accused Grippo of gaslighting her. In turn, he apologized for how he made her feel during that interaction and said that it wasn’t his intention to do that. While they still didn’t see eye to eye, the segment ended with them wishing each other the best.

Fans had plenty to say about this tension-filled conversation between the two reality stars. Read on to see what the viewers are saying.

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