Fans Were Left Reeling After Sarah Jessica Parker Shares Heartbreaking Farewell Message to Willie Garson on IG

Fans of “Sex And The City” were left reeling last week after Willie Garson, who played Carrie’s best friend in the show, passed away at 57. However, the one person that everybody expected to speak up was the one person who didn’t at the time. Sarah Jessica Parker only addressed his passing now.  

While fans, colleagues, and the casts of the shows and movies that Garson had been a part of all paid their respects to the actor, Sarah Jessica Parker was silent on social media, much to fans’ surprise.

However, she has now broken her silence and spoke about how she feels after losing her friend and colleague in a touching tribute which she shared on her Instagram page on Saturday, five days after Garson’s death.


Willie Garson passed away last week Tuesday at the age of 57, and only three days ago, the cause of death was determined to be pancreatic cancer. The actor was beloved in many circles, and his tragic death left many people feeling upset.

The tributes to the actor began pouring in as soon as the news of his death was confirmed. Everybody from those he had worked with to fans who have been following his career from the beginning shared their upset on social media.

The cast of “Sex And The City” were amongst the tributes, but his closest friend on the show was the one who kept quiet the longest, only breaking her silence on Saturday.


Fans of “Sex And The City” were devastated by Garson’s death and made it clear on social media that he would be missed, especially with the newest installment of the show being released this spring.

However, fans noticed that they had not seen a tribute from Sarah Jessica Parker despite their grief. Many drew attention to the fact that although they were good friends both on the show and in reality, SJP had not yet publicly acknowledged Garson’s death.

After almost a week of waiting to see whether or not Parker would acknowledge her friend’s death publicly, she spoke out via Instagram to share her thoughts and feelings.


Parker finally took to Instagram on Saturday to let her followers know how she was feeling about her friend passing away and how she was doing because of it. She explained that her silence was her statement until she had made the post on Instagram.

SJP called her friend’s death “unbearable” and has said that she will honor him by cherishing their last moments together by saving their final texts and writing down what was said in their final phone calls.

Although Parker waited a while to post the tribute, it is one of the longest tributes that has been posted thus far and truly bares her soul in her feeling’s towards her friend in his final days as well as his death.

Willie Garson and Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of “And Just Like That…” at the Lyceum Theatre, NY, July 24 2021 | Photo: Getty Images

The tribute also included everything the pair had done together and told of the 30-year friendship that the two shared before Garson’s tragic death.


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