Fast food chain Tortilla reveals correct pronunciation of name after confusion

In our last pronunciation debate, we discussed the right way to say Haribo.

And now that we are all on the same page after gummy sweets confusion, we thought we’d tackle a common mistake in the world of Mexican cuisine.

A Reddit user posted the question: ‘Do you pronounce tortilla, ‘tort-illa?’.

Redditors took to the comments to share their common confusion over the flatbread.

Some users believe that it is pronounced how it looks, however some users believe that it should be said as ‘tor-tee-ya’.

One user commented: “I say ‘tor-tee-ya’ but that’s because of my four or so years of high school Spanish making me pronounce most “ll” sounds as a ‘Y’.”

Have you been pronouncing tortilla wrong?

Another user joked: “I have a Spanish girlfriend so if I pronounce Spanish words wrong I get in trouble haha.”

We thought there could only be one way to solve this debate – and contacted fast food chain Tortilla themselves.

The Mexican food joint told us the food tortilla is actually not pronounced how it looks.

According to the food chain, tortilla is actually said without the ‘L’ sound.

Tortilla has provided us with the correct pronunciation so we no longer have to disrespect our favourite flatbread.

Apparently, the correct way to pronounce tortilla is ‘tor-tee-ya’, with the ‘L’ being silent.

Next time we treat ourselves to some Spanish and Mexican grub we will keep this in mind…

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