Father-in-Law shows up with new girlfriend to couple’s wedding ceremony

A “monster-in-law” bared her fangs at a wedding, ruining one of the most beautiful moments at the ceremony, which is only meant for the bride and groom. 

A Redditor u/Jessica826 recently took to the online platform to share a clip that they purported was their father-in-law’s girlfriend ruining her and her now-husband’s wedding ceremony.

In the video, one can see the woman making her way past the groom as he walks down the aisle with all his groomsmen. As she hurries past him, he appears annoyed yet seemingly unsurprised.

The best men and wedding attendees all laugh nervously as the father-in-law’s girlfriend appears to make her way to her seat quickly. The poster referred to her as a “monster-in-law,” and many of the commenters agreed with him, with one stating:

“Idk if this was my wedding, I would stop the ceremony, kick her out, and restart it.”

Some labeled her a narcissist, advising the Redditor not to pay too much attention to her behavior. One expressed that the bride and groom should not let this ruin the memories of their wedding.

The original poster expanded, stating that the transgressor did not only commit this faux pas, but her father-in-law’s girlfriend didn’t talk to her and her new husband for the rest of the weekend.

Cars pushed them backward in the emergency lane while other motorists looked on. 

The fact that this woman was also wearing an off-white floor-length dress was not lost on the fellow Redditors. One stated that if someone had committed this classic wedding offense at her ceremony, they would have thrown her out.

u/Jessica826 took to the comment section as well, revealing that there is even more to this wedding drama. For one fact, she alleged:

“There is more to the story (which involves her disrespecting my husband’s late mother and texting us a… diatribe as we drove to our honeymoon).”

However, the happy wife stated that her father-in-law’s girlfriend did not truly ruin the wedding, and she was simply saying that in jest. All in all, she claimed, it was a memorable event.

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