Fear For Jamie Otis’ Sister Grows: Is Her Baby Alright?

Married at First Sight fans are wondering what happened to Jamie Otis’ sister and her baby boy after a very cryptic Instagram post. The cryptic post was also followed with a series of equally cryptic Instagram Stories posts. It appears as if Jamie Otis and her husband Doug are keeping her niece entertained while her sister deals with something worrisome involving her son. The series of cryptic posts left MAFS fans wondering what might’ve happened to Jamie Otis’ sister and her sister’s son.

Unfortunately, Jamie Otis has NOT clarified exactly what is going on. But, we can go over what fans know based on what has been shared on social media.

Jamie Otis cherishes holding her children, sad for her sister

Jamie Otis reveals on Instagram she’s blessed to be able to hold her children. She explained that her sister is currently unable to do the same. Is something wrong with Jamie Otis’ sister’s son? Fans fear that might be the case.

Thankful to hold my babies, but I feel awful for my sister. She doesn’t get to rock her babies to sleep tonight. She got a call yesterday that is every parents absolute worst nightmare. We immediately drove up to be with her & our family. Hold your babies tight. If you want to say a prayer for my sis & nephew I know she’d appreciate it.”

Now, Married at First Sight fans know the post is referencing her younger sister Leah King. Fans know Jamie played a big role in raising her sister Leah. In fact, trouble in the home resulted in Jamie taking custody of all four of her younger siblings. Fans also know Leah gave birth to a baby boy, Trevor, in November of 2020.


Jamie Otis Instagram
Jamie Otis Instagram

COVID restrictions forced Leah to give birth to her son Trevor by herself. Unfortunately, Trevor came into the world prematurely. He was just 29 weeks old at the time of his birth. So, little Trevor spent three months in the NICU after his birth. This was information Jamie shared on her Instagram a few days ago. It, however, sounded as if Trevor was a fighter. Eventually, he and his mother Leah went home.

Unfortunately, Jamie Otis’ series of cryptic posts about her sister suggest Leah and baby Trevor are back in the hospital. MAFS fans, however, are left with their imaginations running wild and fearing the worst as Jamie did not offer any details.

Jamie Otis Instagram
Jamie Otis Instagram

On her Instagram Stories, however, she did explain that she was keeping her niece occupied so she didn’t worry about her mommy or her baby brother. What do you think could have happened to Jamie Otis’ sister’s son? Do you think they are in the hospital? Here’s hoping Jamie Otis has good news for fans soon about what has happened.

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