Fears Tanya Tucker ‘On Her Last Legs’ After Emergency Surgery?

Tanya Tucker singing on stage in a black jacket

Are Tanya Tucker‘s friends worried about her health after her emergency hip surgery? One tabloid insists the country legend is “on her last legs.” Gossip Cop investigates.

Tanya Tucker ‘Fighting To Walk’ After Surgery?

This week, the Globe reports Tanya Tucker is “down for the count” after receiving emergency hip surgery that forced her to cancel three of her upcoming concerts. An inside source tells the tabloid, “These are dark days,” adding, “Tanya suffers from chronic bronchitis, has battled pneumonia and a myriad of other health problems. She took a couple of years to battle depression after her mom died in 2012. She’s tried to reclaim her career, crisscrossing the country doing shows. But she’s in no shape to do it.”

The star recently revealed on social media that she’s been dealing with chronic hip pain and had to receive surgery for it. “Tanya’s done some crazy things over the years and it’s coming back to haunt her,” dishes the insider, “She can’t travel and she can’t perform while she recovers from surgery. Everyone knows she gets depressed when she’s away from the stage, so friends are checking in regularly. They’re also urging her to get physical therapy before other bones start fracturing. She likes the taste of tequila and she’s being urged to nip that in the bud, too.”

The outlet admits that representatives for Tucker have denied the rumors that she’s in bad shape, insisting she’s “in great spirits” and eager to get back on stage. The publication recaps Tucker’s rise to fame at only 13 years old and previous battles with addiction and substance abuse. The magazine notes that the passing of her ex-boyfriend Glen Campbell in 2017 hit her hard. “Tanya’s depression got so bad two years ago she underwent shock treatments. Now her body is failing. She can’t go on like this much longer,” the source concludes.

Tanya Tucker ‘Down For The Count’?

So, is it true Tucker’s pals are fearing for her health? We seriously doubt it. The publication even admitted that a representative has assured everyone that she’s doing just fine. When a magazine trusts the word of unnamed, unverifiable “insiders” over a celebrity’s official representative, it’s clear the story is a work of fiction. While Tucker did have to cancel some shows to undergo hip surgery, she’s assured fans herself that she’s feeling better and ready to resume her tour very soon.


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So, with that out of the way, what was the story here? Sure, Tucker’s had her fair share of health problems, both mental and physical, but why is the tabloid trying to bring her down when she insists she’s doing so much better? It’s obvious the outlet had no real concern for her health since it spent so long reminiscing about her darkest days. Fortunately, Tucker will back on stage and kicking butt soon regardless of this made-up story.

The Tabloid On Celebrity Health

The Globe is one of the least trustworthy sources when it comes to celebrity health. The tabloid is constantly publishing misleading stories about celebrity health scares. Earlier this year, the magazine alleged Cher was “at death’s door” with a rare illness. Then the outlet claimed Dolly Parton was “wasting away.” The publication reported that Julie Andrews was “desperately” funding research to restore her singing voice in her last days. And most recently, the outlet claimed Kirstie Alley’s friends were fearing for her health as she “packs on pounds.” Obviously, the Globe is no expert on celebrity health.

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