Fergie Says She and Princess Diana Spoke About Eating Disorders

Sarah Ferguson, popularly known as the Duchess of York and former wife of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, has revealed another important discussion that she had with the now late Princess Diana during her lifetime.

Ferguson and Diana who were distant cousins, had a complicated relationship as sister-in-laws married to royals sons, however, according to reports, during their younger days (Diana 19 and Sarah 21), they had a very close bond.

The Duchess of York has opened up severally about some of the discussions she had with the Princess before her death in August 1997. From her plight in the royals family, to the problems in her marriage, Ferguson disclosed that Diana revealed her candid thoughts to her in a series of conversations.

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Eating Disorders

This term has been used many times in relation to famous people. During a recent appearance on the talk show called “Loose Women,” Ferguson disclosed that she once had a conversation with Diana, where they extensively spoke on eating disorders and how the public often shamed famous people for their outward looks.

“Diana and I used to talk about it a lot, about what it is to be on the front pages and people judging what size you are,” she said to the show’s panelist.

Furthermore, the 61-year-old acknowledged that there is always a negative impact on people who are constantly criticized for how they look, and sometimes, it can lead to devastating results.

Over the years, there has been reports of celebrities, whose emotional and mental health went to ruins after they constantly had to put up with scrutiny from media houses and social media trolls. Some might likely say that royals have it worse, and that may not be a lie.

Sarah Ferguson Has A New Book

Since her divorce from Prince Andrew, Ferguson or Fergie as she is often called, focused her attention on writing books, some of which her self-help books, and the others are children stories. Since 1973, she has published over 30 books.


In 2020, she released three books titled “Genie Gems Mission To Devon,” “Genie Gems Meets Arthur Fantastic,” and “The Enchanted Oak Tree.”

Now, in 2021, her first book of the year titled “Her Heart For A Compass,” was published on July 28, 2021. The producer appeared on “Loose Women” to promote her latest book, in which one of the main characters was suffering from eating disorder.

This fact led to the discussion on how people often judge others for their weight, size, and shape.

Sarah Ferguson Opens Up On Facing Public Scrutiny

As a then member of the royal family brought about by her marriage to Queen Elizabeth II’s third son, Andrew, many eyes were on Ferguson from the beginning.

She revealed that during the marriage, there were things she could do, and others that were not just allowed, and she had to abide by these rules, regardless of her feelings. Fergie disclosed that at age five, she started battling eating disorder when she found refuge with food after her mother abandoned her.

In addition, she discussed that during her time in the spotlight, she was often shamed and criticized for her weight which eventually took its toll on her.

“The thing is that I am coming to terms with the fact that I am never going to look like you Penny Lancaster, she said to the host.”

Finally, Ferguson mentioned that she made sure to address the eating disorder issues with the character in her book because she relates with it.

Princess Diana’s Struggle With ‘Bulimia’

In recent years, many speculations and wild opinions have been formed on social media regarding Princess Diana’s life as a royal and after her marriage to Prince Charles ended.

Nevertheless, in November 2020, a 1995 panorama interview between the Princess of Wales and a popular English journalist, Martin Bashir, was leaked on social media. In the course of the interview, the Princess opened up about her struggles with bulimia.

Pic of Princess Diana with Prince Harry and Prince Philip taken in Sep 1989

The health issue which she described as “a secret disease” went on for a number of undisclosed years. In a brutal explanation of what bulimia did to her, she said; “You inflict it upon yourself because your self-esteem is at a low ebb, and you don’t think you’re worthy or valuable. You fill your stomach up four or five times a day – some do it more – and it gives you a feeling of comfort.”

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