‘Field Of Dreams’ Game Sparked A Surge In The Film’s DVD Sales

Major League Baseball saw huge numbers of people watching its regular season Field of Dreams game on Thursday night, and the boost in attention for the baseball showcase apparently extended into the film universe as well. The game between the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees drew big numbers for baseball, serving as its most-watched regular season game in 16 years.

And those who attended certainly saw a great game, with a two-run walk-off home run capping a wild one in the middle of a cornfield. But one thing that often popped up online during the game was the phrase “I’ve never seen Field of Dreams.” Which is fair because, well, the movie that inspired the event starring Kevin Costner hit theaters in 1989.

But apparently, many people who had never seen the movie tried to rectify that in the hours after the White Sox win. According to Deadline, streaming numbers for Field of Dreams on Amazon and other sources soared on Thursday night and into Friday.

The game sent the 32-year-old film flying to the top of Amazon’s “Movers & Shakers” list in Movies & TV. In fact, it was not only No. 1, it was also No.2, No.5., No. 11 and No. 12.

The region free Blu-ray disc of the film was No. 1, up 60,800%. The basic DVD of the film clocked in next at No. 2, up a 52,772%. The multi-format Blu-ray landed at No.5, up a paltry 3,168%. See chart below.

In fact, Kevin Costner-starring movies constituted 7 of the top 12 DVDs on the list by midday Friday. The under-appreciated A Perfect World, directed Clint Eastwood rose to No. 7. For Love of the Game, with Costner and Kelly Preston made No. 9.

Nostalgia for the movie certainly was a factor in people tuning in to start with, but it’s a good reminder that what may be considered a late 80s classic for many may be a cultural blind spot for others who didn’t grow up with it in their lives. And maybe, you know, an indication that many people don’t have physical copies of the film they can play on their entertainment centers.

The movie is certainly beloved by sports fans, but it’s worth noting it fails to include some important information we learned on Thursday: don’t eat the corn.

[via Deadline]

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