First and Last Lines of Characters Who Left

His last lines are spoken to Meredith just before he dies.


Thatcher Grey dies during season 15 of “Grey’s Anatomy.”


Last appearance: “The Winner Takes It All”

Meredith and Thatcher have a strained relationship throughout the show.

Early on, Meredith resents him for having abandoned her, and after Thatcher’s new wife dies at Seattle Grace, he blames Meredith and even slaps her.

Despite the issues between them, Meredith still donates part of her liver to him after his is destroyed from alcohol abuse.

Although they lose touch for a few years, Meredith reaches out to him before he dies, and his final moments are spent telling her that he wishes he had gotten to know her children.

Meredith puts her hands on his face, and he tells her they are cold. When she offers to remove them, he says, “No, no, no. It feels good.” She then proceeds to tell him about her kids.


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