First Look at Deb’s Return in ‘New Blood’
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First Look at Deb’s Return in ‘New Blood’

The Dexter revival, Dexter: New Blood, will bring back Jennifer Carpenter’s Debra Morgan, and we now have our fir look at her return. In a photo released by Showtime, Deb can be seen standing behind her brother, Michael C. Hall’s Dexter Morgan, as he stares out of a window. Please Note: Dexter Spoilers Below.

It was previously announced that Carpenter would be reprising her role as Deb in the new Dexter season, but many fans wondered how this would be possible. Deb was killed in the 2013 series finale, so it was hard to see a plausible option for her return. Some speculated that perhaps she would be Dexter’s new voice of reason, the way their father Harry — played by James Remar — had been throughout all eight seasons of Dexter. This week, fans finally got confirmation from Dexter showrunner Clyde Phillips that Deb will, in fact, be living on in Dexter’s visions as a guiding light of foul-mouthed tough love.

In addition to Carpenter and Hall, John Lithgow will also be returning, once again playing Arthur Miller, The Trinity Killer. This is another character who it is difficult to see how they might return, as Dexter murdered Miller before discovering that Miller had murdered his wife, Rita, played by Julie Benz. Presumably, he will come back as a vision of Dexter’s subconscious, or possibly in a flashback of some sort.

There’s still one more Dexter character returning for New Blood: Harrison, Dexter’s son. This time around, the now-teenage Harrison will be portrayed by actor Jack Alcott (The Good Lord Bird). When Alcott was initially announced as being cast in the new season, his character’s name was listed as “Randall.” According to Dexter Daily, this is an alias. The outlet speculated that “Randall” might have been the name Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski) gave Harrison when Dexter was presumed dead and the two of them had to go on the run.

The Dexter revival will pick up about a decade after the original series finale, which aired in 2013. Dexter is now living in the fictional small town of Iron Lake, which is located in Upstate New York. New cast members this time around include Clancy Brown (Billions) as Dexter’s primary rival Kurt Caldwell, the unofficial mayor of Iron Lake. Jamie Chung (Lovecraft Country), Julia Jones (Goliath), and Alano Miller (Jane the Virgin) will also star. Dexter: New Blood premieres on Nov. 7, on Showtime.

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