Fitness fanatic mum-of-seven bewilders fans as they can’t tell her apart from daughters

A fitness-loving mum-of-seven who is “pushing 50” has caused a stir on TikTok as baffled viewers cannot tell who is the mother and who is her teenage daughters

A super-fit mum-of-seven has fans confused as they cannot tell who is the mum and who are the daughters (Image: jessicaenslow/Instagram)

Everyone has been left bewildered by a stunning mother-of-seven on TikTok and her daughters – because they cannot tell which of them is the mum.

Fitness fanatic Jessica Enslow, 46, has sparked a huge reaction as fans cannot believe how young she looks.

Jessica has two grown-up daughters – Lauren, 18, and Alyssa 26, and they are regularly mistaken for being three sisters.

But some of her younger children get embarrassed by her antics on social media.

She revealed she is often “told to stop making TikToks because I’m pushing 50”.

Plenty of TikTok users flocked to her defense though, with one claiming she is “absolutely no no no way even close to 50!” and “looking 10 years younger – damn!”

Jessica’s followers could not believe she is 46
The family posts TikToks explaining their age differences

Others said she “looks maybe 30”, and added: “I guess some of us just age gracefully”.

“Get out that you are older than me!!! You look amazing,” gushed another.

Jessica also made headlines in 2017 when she showed off her six-pack as a result of a dramatic lifestyle transformation following the birth of her youngest child.

She became obsessed with shifting her post-pregnancy weight when she was unable to squeeze back into her jeans after having her first baby Alyssa.

The nurse, from Salt Lake City, Utah, used a fitness DVD to get back in shape after her first few pregnancies but it wasn’t until she gave birth to her seventh child in 2013 that she became invested in weight training.

She also started her fitness account on Instagram to chart her body’s dramatic transformation.

She said: “I was shocked at the amount of fat I had gained with my first pregnancy. I remember coming home from the hospital expecting to jump right into my pre-pregnancy jeans, but couldn’t get them any higher than mid-thigh.

“It was so depressing and I didn’t feel great about myself. I realized this was more than just ‘baby weight’ and that I would have to start exercising regularly to shed the extra pounds.

“After the second one, I kind of knew what to expect, so I wasn’t as surprised or depressed. I knew I would just have to put in the work.

“After my fifth and sixth children, I just ran on the treadmill and did crunches. I didn’t really become aware of body composition until after my seventh and final baby when I started my fitness account on Instagram.

“I started with a couple of programs I found on Instagram, Alexa Jean and Kayla Itsines, but I began adding weight training to help shape my physique more.

“After losing some progress last winter, I decided to hire a fitness coach for four months.”

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