Five important things to consider when planning a holiday with your friends

A weekend away at an exciting destination with your pals seems like a great idea, guaranteed to lead to fun-filled memories that can last a lifetime.

But often the reality is far from the case. Holidays can put a strain on friendships – with some even leading to splits.

Whether it’s a disagreement over where to go next or the fact that someone in the group brought their kids along, it’s easy to have a getaway end in tears.

For those who do still want to hang out with their mates on a beach somewhere, our sister site 2Chill has compiled top tips for avoiding a holiday you’d rather forget, and how to make a staycation with friends run smoothly.

Consider everyone’s preferences when it comes to choosing a holiday with friends
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Discuss the type of holiday

How successful a holiday begins long before you check-in, and especially when you’re moving en masse with your mates.

The idea of a group break may sound great when you’re chatting down the pub, but make sure you’ve all want the same type of holiday before you start booking to avoid big clashes down the road.

Do you want to chill, or party? Get active or relax? It might be a mix, but at least you can get a picture of what’s ahead by covering the basics.

Be honest about who’s invited

Another factor to consider is who’s going along.

Be clear about who's invited... and who isn't
Be clear about who’s invited… and who isn’t
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Are the kids invited, or is it an adults-only affair?

Are you happy that one of your mates is bringing a new lover you don’t know, or that someone you had beef with a while back might make an appearance?

Be honest at the offset or the issues will inevitably emerge later.

Think carefully about the accommodation

You know the type of holiday you’re after and have ironed out who has (or hasn’t) made the grade.

Next up is choosing base camp for the stay.

Are you going to go for a hotel, self-catering apartment, or your own lodge?

Are there certain facilities that are deal-breakers for you, and how much are you willing to spend?

Make sure everyone is comfortable with the apartment
Make sure everyone is comfortable with the apartment
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Cover these fundamental questions and you’re setting yourself up for a successful stay.

Consider finances

There’s no doubt that money has the potential to cause all sorts of problems as it can be a tricky subject to discuss, even with your nearest and dearest.

You’ll have to consider the budget when booking, but money can cause contention during the holiday as well.

People could feel under pressure to spend more than they’re happy with, or others might feel their generosity’s being taken for granted.

Think about whether you’re going to create a kitty, or pay individually as you go, and be mindful of others in your group so it doesn’t become awkward.

Respect one other

The reason group holidays can prove tricky is that there are a lot of people with their own particular ideas of what makes the perfect break.

You might not be going away with strangers, but you’re still going to be with your friends a lot more than usual, so certain issues might arise by day two.

Respect each other’s space (so no barging into rooms), as well as anyone’s desire to have a lie-in (you might be a lark, but don’t set the alarm for everyone else), and remember you don’t need to do everything together. Just because you’re on holiday together doesn’t mean you have to move as one.

Get on top of grievances

Even if you’ve tried to cover all bases before the off, and are allowing each other the space you need, grievances might still rear their head and that’s okay. Just don’t let things fester.

Better to have an honest word with someone as soon as possible than let something build and build until an argument erupts.

And if something is said in the heat of the moment, apologise with a cool head, so you can move on and not let it ruin your holiday.

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