Five signs Love Island’s Jake IS playing a game with Liberty, including ‘superior’ looks after saying ‘I love you’

LOVE Island fans watched as Jake told Liberty he loved her, after she sat him down to discuss how he felt about her.

However, a facial expert has revealed five signs that Jake IS playing a game with his blonde girlfriend from ‘superior’ looks, to his head shake moments after saying those three words.

Jake and Liberty have had a rough week – but he finally told her he loves her
Jake finally admitted his true feelings towards Liberty, but a facial expert thinks he isn't genuine
Jake finally admitted his true feelings towards Liberty, but a facial expert thinks he isn’t genuine

During the episode, a happy Liberty rushed to tell the villa girls her happy news, but was met with a less than enthusiastic response from her pals. 

Faye told her: “I think you backed him into a corner, and the only way he could get out of that corner was to throw that at you.”

Face Whisperer Adrianne Carter told Fabulous that Jake was “faking his love pronouncements”, and you can tell by the following signs…

Superior expression

Adrianne said that during the heartfelt chat, Jake’s face is initially “showing the expression of superiority”, when Liberty and him discuss they have found what they are looking for.

The facial expert explained: “Which means he does think he is better than her (or she’s batting above her average).”  

Head shake sign

Adrianne added that when he says I love you, that we “also see a head shake”.

She continued: “Based on this I don’t think he is in love with Liberty but saw how happy she was with him saying it that he got carried away with professing his love.”

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Anger posture

When Jake was later informed that the girls had raised their concerns over the timing of his love declaration, as he and Liberty had been having a few issues all week, he stormed out of the villa.

Adrianne said: “The footage of him walking off shows him purposely striding and his posture seems full of held-in anger.  

“The throwing of his water bottle is a sign of the frustration he is feeling at this point.  

“He tries to slam the door when he enters the final room he goes in (just before Toby checks on him to see if he’s good).”

Bowed head of frustration

Later in the episode, Jake could be seen bowing his head when outside in the garden, and Adrianne said it was a “sign of disappointment and frustration.”

She added: “Head hanging can be a sign of shame but I haven’t seen anything else in the clips that would back this up, so think it is more disappointment and frustration at how he is being perceived by the others.

“Watching the clip of Liberty telling the girls, it’s obvious that Liberty did believe (and she was genuinely happy about it) that Jake was being genuine until she saw the other girls’ reactions.”


Faye and Chloe urged Liberty, 21, not to believe Jake’s romantic gesture after days of being “distant”.

And Jake’s reaction to Toby telling him how the girls were saying shows some genuine facial expressions of “disbelief” and “dislike”.

Adrianne explained: “He isn’t happy at all at not being believed.”

Fans were quick to give their verdict on the scenes, with one saying: “I kind of want Jake & Liberty to be voted out of #LoveIsland now.. it feels cruel that Libby has to live this all out in front of the nation.”

Adrianne said Jake was in 'disbelief' and 'dislike' at not being believed
Adrianne said Jake was in ‘disbelief’ and ‘dislike’ at not being believed
Liberty and Jake have had a rocky few weeks
Liberty and Jake have had a rocky few weeks

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