Five Tips to Help You Grow Your YouTube Channel

Wish to always YouTube content, which is algorithm friendly? Wondering what attracts your audience and forces them to continue watching the content produced by you? Here, in this article, we will discuss some tips that can help you optimize your YouTube videos at every level of production.  

Make it a habit of posting content multiple times in a week 

A recent study has proven that the YouTube channels, which are into posting over one time in a week, have a higher degree of success and fetch more recommended views. Stan, a content creator with TrueBlueFishermensays that he posts videos on his YouTube channel three times a week, and that does help him widen his reach. Well, yes, it will work in your favor if you post at least three to four videos in a week, especially if you are just starting and building an audience for yourself. Further, it is good to have a regular schedule when posting several posts in a week. It will help you elevate your channel in the YouTube algorithm. More so, when you create a lot of similar videos at the beginning on related topics, it will enable you to find success in your YouTube algorithm. More so, you can even create a playlist and club all the related content in that playlist. It will usher the audience from one video to another and will simultaneously increase your watch time. When a viewer sees two or more of your videos, they are more likely to subscribe to your channel.

Adopt a sustainable video production mechanism

 Of course, you took your time and created an Oscar-worthy first video, but you took five months to produce one video. Do you think it is sustainable? In this manner, you will experience a hard time growing your YouTube channel. One of the most sustainable and sure-shot ways to grow your YouTube channel is by uploading regular videos, comments Alexandra, who offers the best jewelry making classes online. Further, in addition to posting regular videos, you must also make it a point to post at regular intervals, as it increases your chances of a repeat audience.   

Additionally, regardless of your videos’ niche, always pick a content type or category that you are comfortable with. Why? You have to create content in the same category regularly. You can also look for ways to streamline the production of your videos. For this, you can either design an editing template, or set up a studio, or hire a production team or assistants. You can go on refining the production mechanism till you are 100% satiated with it.

Do you know what the best thing that you do to produce a video is? Turn on the light, take your phone, and start recording.

Have an exciting and captivating hook for every video

For increasing your chances of success with your YouTube channel, you need to hook your viewers. How you hook your audiences widely depends on your content and you. See, for instance, if you are shooting a cooking video, the best way to hook your viewers is by showing them how the dish looks right at the start of the video. When people see stunning results in the beginning few seconds of the video, they are more likely to stick by it and watch your entire video. It is also an excellent approach for makeup tutorials and DIY videos. So, if you have a makeup or a beauty based video, and you are creating a video on ‘bridal makeup tutorial,’ then before you dig into the steps and create the look, show your audience right at the beginning, what look are you going to create. So, if the final look is good and captivating, viewers will want to learn how to create this look and watch the entire video. 

Another way to hook your audiences is with stories. Jess, an educator who offers do my homework for me services and has a YouTube channel, says that she always starts her videos with exciting stories related to the content. When you begin the video with a story, the audience will want to stick by the video. They will want to see how and what happened. Moreover, the personal stories are quite endearing to the viewers. Bear in mind, regardless of how you open the videos (or hook your audience); it should be related to the video’s subject. Viewers have clicked onto the video because of the title of your video. So, quickly take them through the introduction to the reason why they are watching your video. If you watch videos on YouTube regularly, you may have seen a lot of content creators start their video with an utterly unrelatable story and then gradually connect it to the audience. It is not the best tactic to employ if you are new to all this. Your audience will bear your long story only if they trust you enough to be sure that even though the story seems unrelated, it will be somehow related to your video. So, as and how you build for yourself a dedicated fan-base, you can use this tactic. However, for now, keep it direct and crisp.  

Ensure that the opening credits and the titles are short 

The content consumers on YouTube have a concise attention span. There is so much content available on YouTube. So, if yours cannot captivate them, they will leave your channel and move to another video. So, a long credit sequence or the title right at the beginning of the video is a sure shot way to lose subscribers. More so, if you have a long (similar) opening sequence in all your videos, the binge-watchers will never subscribe to your channel. Why would they want to go through the same sequence again and again? Ensure that your opening titles and credits are punchy and crisp, states Grace, an online python tutor

Add end screens for promoting the video, website, or your channel 

What is the end screens? See, these refer to the interactive graphics, which link to another web page, channel, playlist, or video, or a CTA to subscribe. As is clear from the name, the end screen can be added in the last twenty seconds of your video. So, you will have to plan out its placement. One of the best techniques is framing the subject in a manner that there is adequate room for accommodating the end screens. You can also add a slate with the logo or image to place the end screen if you do not want it to disturb the content. 

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