Five-year-old’s savage poem about ‘smelly’ & ‘lazy’ dad leaves parents in hysterics

A chuckling mum left social media users in hysterics after sharing a snap of the savage poem her five-year-old wrote about her husband.

Now, we all know kids can be brutal by accident, but sometimes they really outdo themselves as was the case with the Facebook poster’s child.

The little girl had clearly done her best to put together a rhyming poem in honour of her father.

However, her descriptions of choice didn’t paint a particularly glamorous picture of the poor bloke as she mentioned his “big belly” and called him “lazy” and “weird.

We’ll bet her dad was none-too-pleased by the imagery used, but her mum seemed to find it highly amusing as she chose to share it with fellow parents online, reports the Sun.

To start off, the little darling said that “My dad is called Frazer and he never uses a razor.”

A clever rhyme for such a small person and not too insulting as her dad sports facial hair.

The mum was amused by her child’s funny poem

She continued: “He has a beard and he is really weird.

“My dad is really small and his head is like a ball.”

Lovely, I’m sure the little girl’s father was thrilled with being called “weird and small”. We admire her gumption!

The tiny poet added: “His ears are big and I think he needs a wig.

“My dad is crazy and in the mornings he is lazy.

“He has a big belly and is very smelly.”

I mean, we can all take some constructive criticism, but we bet that one hurt.

Despite thinking her dad is smelly, small, big-bellied, crazy and big-eared the little girl ended her masterpiece on a high note.

She wrote: “I love my dad he’s a lovely lad.”

Parents were impressed with her writing
Parents were impressed with her writing

Laughing at the work of art, the five-year-old’s mum said that the poem was “too good to not share.”

So she posted it in the Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas group on Facebook where it quickly racked up over 6.9k likes and nearly 600 comments.

Below the post, a parent commented: “Hahahaha love love love it.”

“That is amazing for a 5 year old, and so funny,” noted another.

A third added: “Wow that’s amazing writing for a 5 year old, well done!” And another agreed and stated: “Wow what a smart kid to be writing this at age of five.”

“A lazy man, smelly, big belly, big ears, head shaped like a ball with a beard and acts weird hmmmm what a catch he sounds,” commented a mum.

Many others dubbed the poem “absolutely hilarious”, “so funny” and “very advanced”.

Has your child ever written or said something accidentally savage? Tell us in the comments…

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