Flashing ‘UFOs’ filmed flying in formation leave online alien hunters baffled

Reddit users from opposite sides of the world have shared footage of mysterious lights flying in a triangle formation.

Similar clips of the UFOs were posted on the site, sparking a huge debate over whether they are signs of alien visitors or something more mundane.

In the first clip, the user was recording a plane before spotting three circular crafts following in a triangular formation but his camera could not help him identify them as they flew over Thurrock, Essex.

The user wrote: “I was filming an Airbus A380 which left London Heathrow and was heading to Dubai. Probably about 20 miles south of me flying over Kent.

Reddit users debate over existence of aliens as more UFO footage emerges

“Pretty impressed that I could make out the plane itself, I was following it along when 3 lights approached from the opposite direction and carried on by themselves at roughly the same perceived speed as the A380.”

A second clip posted to the site shows a similar formation of floating lights flying over the US, but non-believers have debunked the video as being footage of seagulls.

However, the user who believes in ‘healthy scepticism’ when it comes to extraterrestrial life, said that the “lack of definition of shape” leads him to believe that the objects were not birds.

Naturally, UFO Reddit went wild over the footage as users wrote: “The old way is aliens.”

Another said: “It’s one triangular ship. It’s like there are weekly sightings at this point.”

A third added: “What if aliens have giant laser pointers and are screwing with us like humans do with cats.”

In other UFO news, a man named Phillip Kinsella claimed he was taken onboard the extraterrestrial spacecraft in 1989 when speaking on the Coast to Coast podcast.

He alleged that the alien visitors strapped him to a bed naked and probed him before returning him to Bedfordshire.

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