‘Fleet of UFOs’ captured soaring in night sky above Nashville in baffling footage

Bright lights seen flashing above an American city have left people wondering if they had spotted multiple alien space crafts in the early hours of the morning.

Reddit user CallMeClinton posted a video from Nashville, Tennessee, US, onto the popular platform of what he thought might be a UFO sighting.

A UFO, or an Unidentified Flying Object, is an object in the sky that cannot be identified or explained.

The user wrote: “Anyone in Nashville seeing these lights right now? I feel like I’m not lucky enough to be seeing a ufo so I need a second eye.’

The account, who was visiting the Tennessee capital, explained the lights were going in “what seems like random flight patterns”, and “suddenly accelerating around”.

Others, they said, would go really high up and behind clouds.

Reddit users were quick to respond to the video, applauding the poster on his unusual discovery and generating almost 500 comments.

One user wrote: “I’ve been ufo hunting in in a small town a hour away and have UFO hunted my whole life, you’re here on vacation and see something amazing. Luck is on your side.”

“There’s a whole fleet of them,” commented an excited viewer.

Another added: ‘Looks like you were lucky enough to film multiple ufos!’

UFO flying in sky
Nashville residents and visitors thought they saw a ‘flock’ of UFOs
(Image: Getty Images)

Other users, however, were not convinced that the video portrayed extraterrestrial life.

A discerning user commented on the video: “I’m not sure why people always make the first assumption that this type of video has captured some sort of alien craft. I’m sorry, but they DO move like bats.”

Someone else added: ‘There must be a light pointing straight up? I saw tons of birds flying around high up near the tops of downtown buildings. I think it’s just birds catching the lights in a perfect angle.’

Last week, another Reddit user spotted a strangely shaped object on Google Earth and believes it is a “crashed UFO”.

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