Flight attendant spills beans on why new planes have ashtrays in toilet

A flight attendant has revealed the reason why new passenger planes have ashtrays in the toilet even though smoking on a flight is banned.

In a TikTok video, user Kaylee @flyingkaylee shows the inside of a Boeing 737 that is under 10 years old.

Most countries have banned smoking on planes, with the US and EU bringing in the ban in 1997.

Despite this, you will still find ashtrays in the bathrooms of modern aircraft, as Kaylee shows in her video.

She pans up to show that, above the ashtray, a sign clearly says “No Smoking” in English and French.

Flight attendant Kaylee discusses the no-smoking rules
(Image: TikTok / @flyingkaylee)

Kaylee writes in the on-screen caption: “Have you ever noticed that new planes have ashtrays? Do you know why?”

The video has since been “liked” thousands of times and dzens of viewers had a go at answering the question.

Some suggested it might be because it was still legal to smoke on planes in some countries and others thought the new plane might be built with “old” toilet doors.

One person said: “They are required by law to have a safe place for the flight crew to put the illegal cigarettes.”

The plane toilets always have an ashtray
The plane toilets always have an ashtray
(Image: TikTok / @flyingkaylee)

A second agreed and wrote: “Because people still like to break the rules. As silly as this sounds.”

Someone else noted it was “safer for them to use the ashtray than try to hide it in the trash causing a fire”.

Kaylee said these answers were correct and revealed that a plane without ashtrays is not allowed to take off.

She added that some people would still try to have a cigarette in the toilet, despite no-smoking signs and smoke detectors in the toilet meaning you’re almost guaranteed to get caught.

Another person argued that the ashtray just made it even more tempting to smoke even if you were not allowed to.

If you have a nicotine addiction, stick to patches or gum when you are flying.


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