Following this simple piece of health advice can cure your constipation, according to an acupuncture

CONSTIPATION can be an uncomfortable thing to deal with and half the time, you might not even feel comfortable speaking up about it to friends or family members – and that’s ok.

If you’re tired of drinking nasty-tasting liquids to stimulate your stomach or are just over with trying to pack as much fiber into your diet as possible, you might want to listen up.


Over 20 percent of the world deals with constipationCredit: Getty
All you have to do is rub your fists together to stimulate your intestines


All you have to do is rub your fists together to stimulate your intestinesCredit: TikTok

Anita Tadavarthy from Empirical Grace Acupuncture in Virginia shared a video where she gave the perfect solution.

“Did you poop today? Almost 20 percent of the world’s population has constipation,” she revealed.

“It blows my mind! Because all you have to do is just do this a couple of minutes a couple of times each day or when you’re sitting at the toilet, and you’ll have a bowel movement. It’s so easy!”

The acupuncturist proceeded to ball her hand into fists before rubbing the thumbs against each other.

The expert, who has more than 20 years of experience and has treated over 40K patients in her practice, explained: “This innervates the large intestine to help with constipation.”

She also warned pregnant women to NOT do this but claimed that doing the rubbing every day will create a more consistent bowel movement.

Depending on your diet, age, and activity, regularity can mean anything from three bowel movements a day to three each week.

When it comes to number two, plenty of people aren’t really sure what’s normal. Are you supposed to go every day? What if you go 10 times a day?

Everyone’s system is a little different, and according to experts, regularity is what you need.

Though some people might think of having a bowel movement as part of their morning routine, most people don’t poop every day.

But don’t worry if you’re unsure about ‘what’s normal’ as we’ve spoken to some expert doctors, to find out – plus warn us of anything which is concerning.

Dr. Kenny Sui, from Foot Clinic London, is an NHS and Harley Street GP with a wealth of experience.

He said: “Pooing and weeing, otherwise known as defecating and urinating, has long been the ‘butt’ of all jokes (excuse the pun).

“Although often commented in a comedic sense, these are very personal issues which can inhibit patients from attending the doctors when there is a problem.

“In order to identify when there is a problem, first we have to decide what is ‘normal’.”

Dr. Kenny went on to explain that in medicine, the word ‘normal’ is actually not often a specific term – instead, they use ‘range.’

He revealed some people may pass stool/defecate once a day, some twice, while others every other day.

He added that some people like to go after their morning coffee, while others go at lunchtime.

The expert added: “When you go and how often is determined by your diet and your own personal physiology.

“Mood and mental health can also play a role. Of course, you have to look out for extremes and changes.

“If you went from a once-a-day sort of guy and suddenly started going to the toilet eight times a day, that’s a problem.

“The converse is also true, it would be quite uncomfortable to not open your bowels for a week.”

Dr. Kenny also explained that the consistency of stool plays an important role.

He revealed that there is a very useful chart (Bristol stool chart) that tells you what your poo should look and feel like, from type 1 to type 7 – we strive for a type 3 or 4.

He added: “Remember it may be uncomfortable for you but doctors talk about pooing and weeing every day, multiple times over.

“It’s just another day in the office for us so don’t feel embarrassed!”

Dr. Kenny reminded readers that they should lookout for a change in their ‘normal’ pattern that isn’t easily explained by a dodgy takeaway and two beers.

He added: “Look for consistent change in your stool type. If your numbers 2’s are all type 7s it’s time to seek advice.

“Peeing and pooing shouldn’t hurt – but you should know when it has come out (incontinence).”

Everyone's bowel movement is different, it's just about figuring what's yours


Everyone’s bowel movement is different, it’s just about figuring what’s yoursCredit: TikTok

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