Food critic eats and reviews takeaway kebab outside ‘ludicrous’ Salt Bae restaurant in viral stunt

A food critic has gone viral for his unusual and scathing “review” of Salt Bae’s London steakhouse.

In a review for the Observer, Jay Rayner said he didn’t want to review the viral restaurant at all, claiming the newspaper had better things to spend its money on and so instead he brought his “own table, chair and chequered tablecloth” to sit outside the restaurant and eat a £8.50 takeaway kebab.

“It’s a ludicrous gesture, but then the Nusr-Et Steakhouse is a ludicrous restaurant, and one stupid turn deserves another,” he wrote.

“I’m certain that I am eating better than all the customers through the huge wooden doors behind me, spaffing their sticky largesse over gold-leaf wrapped steaks.”

The controversial and wildly expensive restaurant has been the talk of the town since it opened a few weeks ago. It has been hit by a string of negative reviews online, has hosted a number of strange celebrities, and even the likes of Gemma Collins have been appalled by its prices.

So, responding to his stunt, people praised him:

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Turns out the only thing more savage than giving a negative review of a restaurant is not reviewing it at all.


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