Foodie insists we’ve been making baked beans wrong as we should ‘overcook’ them

Us Brits are very particular about our food, often airing our preferences on Reddit.

Remember the frozen fry up and chip chop ship debate?

Now people have taken to Reddit to discuss how baked beans should be cooked, which has ruffled a few feathers.

Usually people often serve their baked beans soaked in the tomato sauce that comes in the can.

However this one Reddit user had a different idea.

Starting a foodie debate, they captioned the post “ Who else likes their beans overdone?(Cheese imminent)”

Along with the post, the Reddit user attached a picture of brown toast and some very cooked baked beans.

Never thought baked beans would cause quite the reaction
(Image: REDDIT)

This rattled one user, who branded the breakfast concoction as “bean mash” and labelled the post as “wrong.”

However, many people could relate to the overcooked beans and according to one person it is the “only way to have them!”

A second user commented: “Yep, I call them ‘hotel beans’, like beans in a buffet brekkie that have been under the lights for a couple of hours.”

Another added: “That’s not overdone. That’s just right.”

tin of baked beans
The people of Reddit have spoken and prefer their beans overdone
(Image: Getty Images)

A fourth person said: “Mushy beans are the best. You don’t have to chase them floating in the sauce and they don’t make the toast soggy.”

Whilst someone else noted: “At last someone who cooks beans the way beans should be cooked.”

Meanwhile, a sixth person said: “Sick of seeing bean soup on here.”

However, one person admitted to never trying the popular take on baked beans.

They said: “I always thought overcooking would ruin the taste. Looks like I’ve been wrong my whole life.”

How do you have your baked beans? Let us know in the comments below!

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