Foodie shares mouth-watering cheesy tiger loaf ‘hack’ leaving people salivating

Us Brits love our food. So much so we often find ourselves in foodie debates to attempt to defend our dinner choices- remember this beans on toast debacle.

However, no debate is needed on this one woman’s heavenly bread and cheese concoction.

Bread and cheese are simply a pairing that is just meant to be, from a classic cheese sarnie to a crispy slice of cheesy garlic bread.

Taking to Twitter under the username @___slxx , one woman has really got people salivating at her clever foodie ‘hack’ that instantly turns a tiger loaf into cheese filled goodness.

She captioned the mouth watering post: “Iv ate half but a tiger loaf stuffed with mozzarella, cheese slices and coated in butter & garlic. I’m no chef but x”

The mozzarella filled tiger loaf has got people’s taste buds tingling

Alongside the delicious description, the woman attached a picture of her taste bud tingling creation.

Even better, the budding chef revealed the method to achieve this so others can attempt to recreate the cheesy and bread goodness.

And, the bread that is perfect for a starter can be easily made in five steps.

All you need to do is slice the tiger loaf and stuff the cuts with “garlic, butter and chives paste.”

Then, in each slice in the bread you need to put some “mozzarella and mature cheese” slices.

However, you need to make sure that there is some cheese poking out so it “melts on top.”

Next, the woman listed that you need to add “another slice of mozzarella in between the cheese slices on top” and “coat the top in the rest of your paste from the start.”

Finally, all you have to do is chuck it in the oven and wait until the cheese is fully “melted.

method list
The woman shared her full method on Twitter

The super cheesy bread has caught the eye of many as the tweet has now racked up 19,000 likes and 635 retweets.

In love with the woman’s cheese and bread concoction, people took to the comments to praise the foodie for her bright idea.

One user commented: “Oh my god that looks HEAVENLY.”

Another person added: “Cor girl smashed it out the park with that.”

Someone else noted: “I mean, by my calculations that leaves another half that could be kindly donated to me xoxo.”

Whilst a fourth person admitted: “I’m not a fan of tiger bread but could substitute with another white bread….. it looks absolutely delicious though.”

One lad even was willing to cough up some cash for the bread: “I’d give her tenner for it.”

And, a Dad even stated: “Yes gonna try this my kids will love it, and me.”

Be right back. Just going to grab ourselves a tiger loaf and a basket full of cheese.

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