Foodie shares ‘perfect’ scrambled eggs recipe for a silky, protein-rich breakfast

A clever foodie with a knack for cooking has shared his indulgent recipe for scrambled eggs – and they’re perfectly creamy and soft.

There are few breakfast dishes as quick, nutritious and tasty as scrambled eggs and so it’s a good recipe to have perfected.

Calum Matheson, 43, a support worker in a care home from Glasgow, Scotland, posted a snap of his golden scrambled eggs on Facebook in the Rate My Plate group.

And, hundreds of fellow social media users praised his yummy looking dish.

Captioning a snap of his eggs next to some buttered toast, Calum said: “The way scrambled eggs should be. Lots of butter, cream, salt black pepper.”

And we have to say they look mouth-wateringly good!

But, how does Calum, who runs cooking classes for disabled adults, make his breakfast so perfect?

The home cook told the Daily Star: “I use butter – gently heat it in frying pan.

“Gently beat eggs but not completely whisked. I add double cream and pepper to the eggs.”

Calum runs cooking classes for disabled adults and knows all the tips and tricks

He continued: “Add to the pan, but make sure pan is at a low temperature and cook gently for about five minutes.

“Add salt close to the end of cooking.

“Turn the pan off as it will still be hot and let the eggs rest for a minute before serving.

“Make sure the eggs are not overcooked as they will be dry.

“Add a little extra pepper on top and chives if you have them just before serving.”

We cannot wait to try this!

It’s important to follow Calum’s tip about adding salt at the end of cooking. If you mix the salt in at the beginning then, according to Gordon Ramsey, they can “go grey” and become watery.

It can also make your eggs tougher and less fluffy as it causes eggs to coagulate faster.

Calum's eggs are perfect!
Calum’s eggs are perfect!

When it comes to the cream it’s up to you – it can make them silkier in texture like Calum’s snaps show.

In the comments of the foodie’s post, people went wild for the breakfast dish.

One fan wrote: “If heaven was scrambled eggs, this would be it.

“I would need a nice slice of buttered toast for them to go on top of.”

“Looks delicious,” added another while a third said: “Yum – exactly how they should be!”

A fellow foodie wrote: “You put cream in your scrambled eggs ? No wonder they look great…”

“Cooked spot on,” noted a fan.

What’s your top tip for making the best scrambled eggs? Tell us in the comments…

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