Foodies go wild for viral ‘pizza grilled cheese’ sandwich recipe for tasty lunch

A foodie has shared a simple cooking tip that will take your lunchtime cheese toastie to the next level – and social media users are going wild for it.

Now, we all run out of ideas for meals sometimes and resort to the basics.

Whether you pick a sandwich, soup or even a toastie they’re classic easy meals, but not particularly inspiring.

But, one woman pimped her grilled cheese sandwich with added extras and the idea quickly went viral.

Even better, kids will love it too – and if they’re old enough they can even help you make it. Fun!

Posting on Reddit, HouseWifeWithAKnife captioned a snap: “Homemade pizza grilled cheese.”

She filled the sandwich with tasty extras and it looks delicious

And, a whopping 17,800 people liked her photo which showed a crunchy toasted sandwich stuffed with deli meat, ham, vegetables and melted cheese.

The recipe is so simple that it will take just minutes to put together, but will be so worth it when you tuck in.

HouseWife shared her method with the keen foodies in the comments.

She said: “The bread is a basic Italian loaf I made yesterday to go with dinner.

“I cut one inch slices and brushed them with butter, seasoned them with garlic powder, Italian seasoning, and flake salt and put them butter side down on my griddle.”

If you don't want to add meat you can double down on the different cheeses
If you don’t want to add meat you can double down on the different cheeses

She continued: “Onto that I added pizza sauce, provolone, ham, peppered salami, pepperoni, mozzarella, and banana peppers.

“I grilled them low and slow for about eight minutes, flipping halfway through.”

We are drooling…

And, it seems the 480 Reddit users who left comments were too.

One person said: “I’m just mad I never thought of doing this.”

“Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever been sexually aroused by a sandwich before,” another joked.

Will you make this recipe?
Will you make this recipe?

While a third noted: “What a great idea. i’m doing one with pepperoncini.”

And a fourth wrote: “Why haven’t I done this yet? Tomorrows lunch for sure.”

Now, is adding extra goodies to a toasted cheese sandwich revolutionary? No. But, it sure does look delicious.

BRB, I’m going to make a pizza sandwich…

What’s your favourite hot sandwich filling? Tell us in the comments section…

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