Foodies share roast potato tips to make the ‘perfect’ Sunday dinner spuds

If you’re planning to cook a Sunday roast this afternoon, but need some help with your spuds, look no further.

That’s because foodies have given their top tips to create the “perfect” roasties around.

The hacks were shared in popular Facebook group Rate My Roast, where Sunday Dinner lovers share their top pics and tips.

One member was seen asking this morning: “What’s everyone’s preferences for cooking their roasties in?”

One person recommended: “Olive oil, garlic and herb seasoning, sea salt and rainbow pepper.”

While another suggested: “Beef dripping, salt, garlic and roast potato seasoning.”

A third wrote: “Goose fat with garlic and rosemary.”

A foodie asked people’s preferences for what they cook their roast potatoes in

While a fourth added: “Garlic and herb rub… with a little salt and pepper, then they crisp up perfectly.”

A fifth chimed in: “Parboiled, shaken and tipped into the hot hot fat.”

Despite the helpful suggestions, some thought they’d be humorous and give back some banter.

One wrote: “The kitchen,” as another suggested: “An oven.”

A third cheeky Facebook user quipped: “That bath.”

Although parboiling the potatoes was suggested, a food expert recently claimed that you actually should cook your tatties the whole way through.

Food expert Rebecca Wilson
Food expert Rebecca Wilson says you shouldn’t parboil your roasties

Author and foodie Rebecca Wilson told Daily Star: “When cooking your roast potatoes, make sure you boil them until they’re pretty much cooked – don’t parboil them.

“This will give them a soft texture.”

Continuing on with her method, she added: “You should then drain them and let them sit for a little bit as this lets the moisture evaporate.

“Give the colander a firm shake as this makes the edges go all crispy.

“Then coat them in hot oil and make sure you turn them over a couple of times in the oven.

“This will make them really golden and yummy.”

Rebecca also shared her top gravy hack this week, which she says is so good that you’ll actually want to “drink it”.

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